You Enter a Room and Notice a Bed” Riddle Explained

You enter a room and notice a bed Riddle

The premise of riddles has always been to fascinate and amuse people. Back in the day when cell phones and laptops were not rampant and people didn’t have any means of instant entertainment, Riddles were the saviour of the day. Riddles have been in existence since time immemorial and they aren’t going to cease anytime soon. Recently, a riddle has been making rounds on Social Media Sites. This RIddle is called ” The Dr Dolittle Riddle” or more popularly “You enter a room and notice a bed Riddle.”

One of the many things that one can do to spend their time productively is to solve riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers online. While these riddles aid in the development of critical and analytical skills, they are also enjoyable to solve. 

Covid 19 lockdown saw the re-emergence of the riddle along with several others. People online have been scratching their heads to solve this riddle. Many of you will be right but you need not worry even if you are wrong. We have written a detailed explanation of the solution to this riddle. Read carefully and enjoy!

The Dr Dolittle Riddle

The Dr Dolittle riddle is a popular riddle on Whatsapp and other social media platforms. Continue reading to find out the answer as well as all possible solutions.

This Riddle goes like this:

You enter Dr Dolittle’s room and notice a bed. There are four cats, two dogs, a giraffe, five cows, and one duck on the bed. Three chickens are also flying above the bed. How many legs are on the ground?

Some variants of the riddle exist and they read:

You enter a room and notice a bed. There are two dogs, four cats, a giraffe, five cows, and a duck on the bed. Three chickens are also flying above the bed. How many legs are there on the ground?

Answer to the Riddle

There are six legs. Don’t just flip your phone or close your screen just yet. Let me explain how this is the most logical answer.

The most commonly accepted solution to this riddle is six. While some people believe the answer is zero because all of the animals listed are on the bed and the chickens flying is a distraction. As a result, they answer zero.

The trick to solving this riddle is to realize that, while all of the animals are on the bed, the bed itself has four legs. In addition, the two legs of the person walking into the room bring the total to six. Because the riddle does not specify a specific pair of legs, any pair of legs can be considered.

You enter a room and notice a bed RiddleHowever, some people have pointed out that not all of the beds have legs and that the bed sits directly on the floor. This is a case where the specifics of the bed are questioned. In that case, the answer is two legs. Only the man’s pair of legs need to be considered in this case.

However, if we consider this premise that the bed has no legs, we can also assume that the person coming in may only have one leg and that will change the answer again.

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To summarize in the most general of ways, the answer is six legs are present in the room. The bed has four legs, and the man who walks into the room has two. Depending on the type of bed, the answer could be two legs on several occasions. Also depending on if the person has only one leg, the answer could be 1 or 5. 

But again we have to stress this, the standard answer is always 6.

I hope you liked this article on “You enter a room and notice a bed Riddle” Stay tuned for more!



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