The Yankees Deal Joey Gallo to the Dodgers for A Minor League Pitcher Ahead of The Deadline

The Yankees deal Joey Gallo to the Dodgers for a minor league pitcher ahead of the deadline
The Yankees deal Joey Gallo to the Dodgers for a minor league pitcher ahead of the deadline
The Yankees deal Joey Gallo to the Dodgers for a minor league pitcher ahead of the deadline

As anticipated, Joey Gallo was traded by the New York Yankees before Tuesday’s trade deadline. Jim Bowden of CBS Sports HQ has confirmed that the Yankees have sold Gallo to the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for Double-A pitching prospect Clayton Better.

At last year’s trade deadline, 29-year-old free agent Gallo joined the Yankees, and ever since, he has been among baseball’s worst hitters. Gallo consistently had a low average and a high strikeout percentage; in 501 plate appearances, while wearing a uniform, he hit.159/.291/.368 with 25 home runs and a strikeout rate of 38.7%. He’s been performing bench work for the past few weeks.

“I faced a lot of hardship and had to ask myself many tough questions. My self-esteem took a hit. For the major leagues, I would say I hit rock bottom “Gallo recently discussed his time in New York with “So, I was trying to keep in mind to be a good teammate, play the game properly, play it hard, and avoid doing anything foolish that I’d later regret. I suppose I discovered a lot about myself. Baseball is a difficult sport. But because so few people have experienced what I have, it undoubtedly made me stronger.”

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It’s challenging to pass this Yankee’s judgment too harshly. Joey Gallo, Last year, they acquired a player at the MLB trade deadline who didn’t fit in New York, and general manager Brian Cashman hinted as much when he said it “simply didn’t work out here.”

 The signing of the slugger by the Yankees was a mistake. But at this time, it’s all over the bridge. In actuality, New York would not receive the price they desired for an outfielder with a.159 batting average,621 OPS, and a 38.8% strikeout rate.

The Yankees most likely received Clayton Better, a minor leaguer for the Dodgers, which is the best-case scenario. Despite showing tremendous strikeout potential in the minors, Better, 23, isn’t one of Los Angeles’ top prospects.

Although the right-ERA handers were over 5.00 in 51 2/3 innings worked, he did strike out 88 batters. Given their predicament with Gallo, the Yankees will probably accept the worst-case scenario of an arm that can deliver Ks out of the bullpen.

Sometimes you have to accept your fate, own your error, and carry on. The Yankees acted in this manner here.

Some supporters may claim that Gallo just shrugged and refused to improve in light of his nearly continual slump, but that is simply untrue. He tried several things, but they didn’t work, and he was never the kind of batter who succeeded by trying a more contact-oriented strategy. Not everyone can smash MLB pitching as well as Judge these days. For someone who has never flourished on a baseball diamond like that, it was a riskier undertaking than merely trying to find the appropriate adjustment to reestablish his usual stroke.

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Baseball players are not machines; managers Aaron Boone and Gallo hinted at how seriously the player has handled his difficulties. Naturally, it is challenging to find a player who is content with their performance while struggling, but Gallo has seemed to be affected by the strain. He eventually felt so embarrassed that he was reluctant to leave his Manhattan apartment until it was time to go to the field.

Gallo was a delight to follow in Texas, so I hope he rediscovers his game. His teammates adored him, and the four prospects the Yankees gave up for him haven’t quite lived up to the classic Jay Buhner comparisons. He also seems like a genuinely lovely guy. Just a bad Gallo didn’t turn out to be a success.


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