Women face a number of barriers to career advancement in the technology industry


Today, there are a lot of women in the technology industry. The fact that men make up the vast majority of applicants shows that the industry does not treat men and women equally. 52 percent of women in technology believe that gender limits their careers, according to recent official data.

A recent survey found that 1 in 5 women working in information technology are considering quitting their jobs because of the male-dominated field.

According to women in IT, these are the five biggest obstacles they face in the workplace. When it comes to their work and development, 38 percent of women cite a lack of promotion opportunities as the biggest barrier to their success and advancement.

Then there’s a lack of faith in oneself as well. According to 35 percent of women, this particular barrier has a significant impact on their career. In addition, a third of the women (33 percent) stated that the lack of senior support/role models is a significant barrier to their career development. Sexist or gender bias was also cited by a group of female participants as a major obstacle to their career advancement. Three-quarters of women reported difficulty juggling work and family obligations, while two-thirds of women reported encountering sexism or other forms of gender bias in their work environments.

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The percentage of women employed by some of the world’s leading technology companies is extremely low. While the percentage of women in technical positions in some high-tech companies is even lower, it is worth mentioning. Let’s take Amazon as an example. Women comprise 45 percent of Amazon’s workforce, according to Statista data from June 2021; 29 percent of the company’s leadership positions are held by women. Facebook has 37% of its employees who are female, and 34% of those who apply for leadership positions are female. In addition, 24% of these jobs are held by women.

The female workforce at Apple accounts for 34% of the total and 31% of the female executives. Also, 24% of tech jobs are held by women. The percentages are even lower on Google. According to data from June 2021, 33 percent of the workforce is comprised of women, while 28 percent of those in leadership positions are women. In addition, there are 25 percent more women in tech jobs than men.

Another technological giant, Microsoft, employs a total of 29% of women. Women in positions of leadership account for an additional 26% of applicants. Finally, 23% of Microsoft’s tech jobs are held by women. It’s worth noting that the top five technology firms all employed more women in leadership positions than in technical positions.

There are many times when we wonder how many countries in the world have workplace equality for women and men alike. However, despite the fact that women constitute more than half of the world’s population, the number of women in executive positions does not even approach 50%. Each and every country has to deal with this. According to United Nations figures, only a small percentage of political and business leaders around the world are women.

In the United States, at least, it would seem that the percentage of women in managerial positions is very high, but research shows that this is not the case at all. Despite the fact that 46 percent of the workforce is female, only 3 percent of managers and less than 0.5 percent of senior managers are women.

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