Windy City Rehab Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More!

Windy City Rehab Season 4

Windy City Rehab got the viewers’ attention when it premiered on HGTV. The Season 1 of the show garnered massive attention and praise. This resulted in the show’s extension to three seasons as of yet. However, fans are already talking about the Windy City Rehab Season 4 Release Date, and Season 3 is not yet finished. This shows you the level of dedication people have to this show. 

So, here is everything we know about Windy City Rehab Season 4. Keep reading on!


Windy City Rehab is an HGTV television show in the United States. It stars Alison Victoria, who is an interior designer. She works with contractor Donovan Eckhardt on home renovation projects in Chicago, Illinois (season one and the early part of season 2). Unlike many HGTV shows, the projects all take place in cities, including townhouses and apartments.

Many houses shown are over 100 years old, and some are designated as historic structures, adding to the design and construction challenges. On January 1, 2019, an 11-episode first season premiered. The Second season delay was due to the show’s producer contracting coronavirus, which was broadcast in 2021. The third season premiered in April 2022.

The premise of the show is basically Renovation. Alison and Donovan visit a candidate house in each episode to discuss its potential for redesign and resale value ( The purchase is not done with a client in mind). Following the purchase and development of a design plan, the duo begins demolition work, during which unexpected construction problems frequently arise, adding to the construction cost and schedule.

The episode alternates between construction scenes and Alison locating and purchasing recovered furniture and decorative pieces that are appropriate to the historical period of the house. When renovations are over, the house is staged, and prospective buyers are invited to come to see the renovated interior and exterior. 

Windy City Rehab Season 4 Release Date

As of September 2022, there is no information about the Windy City Rehab Season 4 Release Date. According to sources, fans must wait until season 3 concludes. The ratings and observations of the fans’ reactions to the season are critical to the survival of the show.

If the ratings and reviews are positive, as it has been in previous seasons, the possibilities of the fourth season become much more promising. But, we also have to keep in mind the downside of this. If season 3 gets average or low reviews, the show might be on its way to conclusion. 

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Windy City Rehab Season 4Cast

The Cast of the Windy City Rehab is not extensive by any means. It was Donovan and Alison. However, with Donovan’s exit, Alison appears to be on her own, a role she excelled at in Season 3.


Alison Victoria, a Chicago-based interior designer, combines expensive design craft with her hometown’s love. She does this by purchasing and restoring historic homes. Alison works to restore the integrity of these neglected homes in historic districts.

She does this by adding square footage, aesthetics, and modern touches. However, every house has a story to tell, and she never knows what dangers lurk beneath the layers of paint and plaster.

Alison relocated her projects from Chicago to Atlanta and Los Angeles, where she acquired some old properties. Alison expressed her desire to expand her business westward with new investment partners in Season 3. She worked with a friend of a Hollywood real estate agent and her husband to restore a classic 1923 Spanish Colonial.

In one episode, she works alongside her brother in her Atlanta loft, which they converted from an 1880s textile mill. Fans can expect Alison to work on more and more significant projects out of Chicago. 

Her aspiration to expand her business may be central to the Season 4 of the series.

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