Who is Tinsley Mortimer Dating: Is the High Society Star Taken?

Who is Tinsley Mortimer Dating

Celebrity relationships and flings are always exciting for the general masses. Finding out who is hooking up with who is entertainment in itself. Fans spend countless hours trying to figure out the dynamic of the relationship between celebrities. Tinsley Mortimer is no exception. Fans constantly ask, ” Who is Tinsley Mortimer Dating?” Today, we have bought you the answer to this and more. So keep reading on.


Tinsley Randolph Mortimer is a socialite and television personality hailing from the US. She is best-known for her roles in the reality TV shows High Society and The Real Housewives of New York City.

Tinsley Mortimer was born in Richmond, Virginia. Her father, George Riley Mercer Jr., was a wealthy real estate investor. Tinsley’s mother, Dale Tatum Mercer, was an interior designer and socialite. Her younger sister is Dabney Winston Mercer. She grew up in Graymont, her family’s Richmond estate.

Mortimer attended St. Catherine’s School in Richmond and then the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Mortimer had made her debut in Richmond society at the Country Club of Virginia’s Bal du Bois.

Before transferring to the University of Columbia, she attended the North Carolina University at Chapel Hill as a freshman. Tinsley was a member of St. Anthony Hall at Columbia. She was also a varsity tennis player for Columbia and a nationally ranked tennis player. She earned a bachelor’s degree in art history from Columbia and a master’s degree in decorative arts from Cooper Hewitt design museum.

Tinsley and Scott’s Relationship

Tinsley Mortimer recently ended her relationship with Scott Kluth. The couple was even engaged, but Scott decided to call it quits. According to an anonymous source, Tinsley is wholly shattered after her breakup and feels like she wasted four precious years with Scott. Scott called off their engagement while the 45-year-old ROHNY TV star was on set. Tinsley, according to another anonymous source, saw the breakup coming. They had been separated since January. Furthermore, the couple did not spend Valentine’s Day together.

Scott was the one who proposed to Tinsley for the engagement and the one who broke it off. Tinsley also left the reality TV show ROHNY to focus solely on Scott and their relationship. She is broken because she left everything for Scott. She even moved to Chicago just to focus on their future. In her own words, she feels she squandered four years of her life with Scott.

Who is Tinsley Mortimer DatingPrevious Relationships

Tinsley eloped with her high school sweetheart when she was only 18 years old. In high school, she met and fell in love with Robert Mortimer. Their parents opposed their marriage. They are, however, tied down to each other. Their parents eventually agreed and asked them to marry again with a ceremonial exchange of vows. They remarried in Richmond. However, the couple’s marriage could not be sustained, and they divorced in 2010. They remain good friends.

Current Status?

Fans believe Tinsley is in a new relationship with John after the two became flirtatious on social media. Under one of Tinsley’s Instagram posts, John and Tinsley were caught flirting with each other. The post showed her and Leah doing cartwheels in the hallways of the Four Seasons. Tinsley was described as “straight fire” by John, who then addressed Tinsley as “babe,” saying they needed to have another dance party because it had been too long since their last one. Tinsley agreed that it had been far too long, and she couldn’t recall when their last one was. She then jokingly stated that they would not be forced to do cartwheels at the dance party.

Even though the rumors are going strong that John and Tinsley are in a relationship, according to our research, the Rhony actress is currently single and focused on her career. We hope to see her back and wish her the very best in her future endeavors.

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