Who is John Travolta dating

Who is John Travolta dating
Do you know about John Travolta? Do you want to know who is John Travolta dating? John Travolta is an American actor and singer who has been part of the American entertainment industry for 40 years. He is very famous across the USA and has a huge female following. He is well known for his roles in Urban Cowboy, etc. Since his debut, John Travolta has been linked to many actresses and tv stars. Soon after the death of his better half, rumors of dating John Travolta started circulating again.
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John Travolta Early Life

John Travolta,a famous American actor and singer who has worked in the industry since the 1970s. When he started his career, John Travolta was a very famous name for relationships. However, the actor finally decided to tie a knot with actor Kelly Preston in 1991. However, the famous actor was left broken when he heard the news of the passing away of Kelly Preston. Soon after the death of his better half, many media houses started circulating rumours about his dating news of John Travolta. To confirm this, many Travolta fans are searching about it. They want to know Is John Travolta’s dating? If yes, then Who is John Travolta dating? If you also have the same question, follow this blog until the end; hopefully, you will get your answer.

John Travolta’s life after the death of Kelly Preston

Who is John Travolta dating

Kelly and John have been married since 1991. The 29-year couple has to be separated as Kelly Preston lost her fight against breast cancer, which she had been fighting for two years. Kelly and John Travolta had three children. Two sons named Benjamin and Jet and a daughter who was named Ella. Jet, a son of Kelly Preston and John Travolta, died in 2006. Responding to the death of Kelly Preston, John Travolta took Instagram to express his feelings, where he wrote a long and emotional message in remembrance of his better half. That post not only broke every fan’s heart but also made both his children emotional.

Who is John Travolta dating

Since the death of his better half, John Travolta has been linked to various other actresses and TV stars. However, it is found that John is not in a relationship with anybody. There was a strong rumour that Olivia Newton Jon, a close friend of John Travolta, tried bringing or encouraging John Travolta for a relationship in 2021. However, the actor wasn’t ready to link with anyone then. Travolta was also rumoured to be linked with Terri Irwin, who also lost her husband, Steve Irwin. However, the actress denied the relationship and said she was not ready for anything like that.


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