The White Lotus series will continue. Even though the popular — HBO limited series written and directed by Mike White ended with a near-perfect Season 1 finale, there’s another show on the horizon. Will any of your favourite horrible people return? Let’s answer these and other questions.

Will we get the sequel of The White Lotus?

Yes. HBO announced that the show would be back before the first season finale. However, there is a catch. First, HBO is considering it a “second instalment” rather than a second season. That’s because White Lotus takes the form of an anthology series.


The following season will be written again by series creator Mike White. Still, it won’t be set in The White Lotus Hawaiian location. It will be charged in one of the other resorts owned by the same company, just in a different destination.

A press release states, “The next chapter of White Lotus leaves Hawaii behind and follows another group of vacationers who head to another White Lotus property and temporarily settle among its residents.

” White previously suggested in an interview with TVLine that it could be “The White Lotus: San Tropez or something.” Still, it turns out it’s an Italian vacation that these people are taking.

While the first season of White Lotus took place in a Hawaiian resort, the second season is currently being filmed in Taormina, Italy.

Coolidge’s character, wealthy Tanya McQuoid, is on yet another vacation. Still, this time instead of travelling alone, she brings along her assistant Portia, played by Haley Lu Richardson.


Other new cast members include F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli, and Adam DiMarco, who play three generations of people from the same family who visit Italy together.

Tom Hollander, Theo James, Meghann Fahy, Will Sharpe, Aubrey Plaza, and Leo Woodall round out the cast. Hollander will play an Englishman named Quentin who is on holiday with his friends and nephew.

In contrast, James and Fahy will play Cameron and Daphne Babcock, a married couple on holiday with another, Ethan and Harper Spiller (Sharpe and Plaza). Woodall plays Jack, another guest at the Sicilian resort. Italian actress Sabrina Impacciatore was also cast as the resort manager (may she meet a better fate than Armond Murray Bartlett).

The series has been filmed at Palazzo San Domenico in Taormina, a Four Seasons hotel in Sicily, and is said to be in its final days of production.

No premiere date has been set for the second season. Still, Deadline reports that it should be considered for broadcast in time for next year’s Emmys, which likely means a spring or summer 2023 premiere.


So where will White Lotus Season 2 take place?

 According to the slate from the first part back. Yay, season 2!

Will anyone from The White Lotus season 1 cast return?

Yes! Jennifer Coolidge is officially back. After receiving one of her many Emmy nominations for the show, she told the New York Times: “I just did five months in Sicily on it. I came back like two weeks ago.

I was instructed not to reveal anything, but I have to say that from what I’ve learned watching what some of the new actors are doing, people won’t be disappointed.”

The new cast in The White Lotus?

The new cast member announced was The Sopranos veteran Michael Imperioli. According to Deadline, he will play: “Dominic Di Grasso, a man travelling with his elderly father and recent college graduate.”

It has been revealed that the elderly father will be played by none other than Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham. In contrast, Albie DiMarco will play the son. Another guest is Aubrey Plaza, who was said to be playing a lady named Harper Spiller who is on holiday with her husband and his friends.

In February 2022, The Hollywood Reporter announced that her husband, Ethan, would be played by Will Sharpe. Their friends Cameron and Daphne Babcock would be played by Theo James and The Bold Type fan favourite Meghann Fahy.

It was also announced that Haley Lu Richardson would be “Portia,” a pregnant woman on a road trip with her boss. Tom Hollander is Quentin, the Brit from White Lotus with his friends and nephew. Leo Woodall will be Jack, the so-called “magnetic guest.” Although the details are sparse, you can already feel the tension.

When will The White Lotus Season 2 arrive?

It is currently unclear when The White Lotus Season 2 will premiere. But we can speculate a little. Since it started filming in February 2022 and wrapped up in the summer (according to what Coolidge said to the New York Times in mid-July), it’s possible we could see new episodes in late 2022. We’ll keep this post updated as the following information is issued.


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