Oprah Winfrey's father had passed away, Vernon Winfrey reportedly died on Friday evening

Winfrey's father, Vernon, was 88 years old at the time of his demise and had been suffering from cancer

Vernon Winfrey was born in 1933 and had fathered Oprah Winfrey with his partner at the time, Vernita Lee

The two had been briefly together and were never married. Oprah's father was reportedly a barber and a businessman

Vernon Winfrey reportedly cut hair in his shop in Tennessee until he was much older. He had been a barber for over five decades

For such reasons, Vernon is also a member of the National Barber Museum and was inducted into their Hall of Fame

Initially, in the early 1960s, Oprah was sent to Nashville to live with her father temporarily. However, when she was nine, Winfrey was asked to return to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by her mother

Following her s*xual assaults by multiple family members in Milwaukee, Oprah was pregnant at the age of 14