Tower of God 2nd Season is officially in production 

By Aashish Verma

The trials and tribulations of Tower of God will continue, as Crunchyroll announced during its industry panel at Crunchyroll Expo 

A video clip of the announcement was also shown. It has a recap of the first season and some new scenes that serve as a preview of what's to come.

It was announced on the official Webtoon Twitter account at 10:30 BST, but the tweet was deleted 20 minutes later.

About Tower of God: The anime version of the popular webcomic by SIU came out for the first time in the Spring 2020 anime season.

Telecom Animation Film animated it and Crunchyroll Originals presented it internationally. Takashi Sano directed 13 episodes.

Erika Yoshida wrote the series' music and scripting. Masashi Kudo and Miho Tanino designed the characters; Tanino was principal animator.

SIU's Tower of God began serialization on Naver's Webtoon in 2010 and was printed by Young Com.