Julia Fox Leaves Paris Fashion Week After His Son Got Injured

The actress and model had to leave Paris Fashion Week before time as she got to know that her son was injured.

A statement released by the actress on Thursday said she had brusquely exited Paris in order to fly back to New York to be with her son.

The reason behind her early exit from Paris fashion week has been revealed by her Instagram story,

 She explained that her son had injured himself and she had to leave early.

“Flew back from Paris early for five stitches & a lollipop,” captioned a 32-year-old Fox’s Instagram story

She shared a picture of her son Valentino holding a candy with a large bandage covering his forehead.

In regards to Fox’s son, whom she shares with her ex-husband Peter Artemiev, it’s unclear what happened to him, but he seems to be in good health.