Cardi B left fans Speechless as she wears $25 'Target' outfit, Jokes It's 'Chanel'.

The 29-year-old rapper tricked all her fans into thinking that her all-Target fit was a couture Chanel creation.

On Sunday, the Grammy-winning rapper posted a paparazzi photo of herself on Twitter with the caption "I wear Chanel the best."

Surprising her 23.2M Followers on Twitter, she revealed the following day that her fun pink and purple outfit was actually all from Target.

She replied to her own tweet, writing, "FUN FACT: This is a Target outfit 😂"

The original tweet received nearly 3,000 replies filled with fans hyping up her incredible bright, summer look.

One fan actually caught up the singer in her lie. "I have this same top! In green from Target lol," she shared.

The rapper's top and bottoms are still available for purchase, actually on clearance for just $10.20.