The latest Tweet by Elon Musk states, 'Off to the Races set to Harley Quinn ...'

HBO Max’s Harley Quinn set its titular antiheroine free of the toxic relationship that’s long since become a relic of Harley Quinn™’s past

Though Harley Quinn’s third season takes its time before fully fixing its focus on its namesake, it’s an example of how a show can actually become much

It’s not that there’s trouble in paradise or that either of the women has second thoughts about each other — they’re legitimately in a good, if not great, place

Harley Quinn’s third season leans more into the latter spin on Ivy as a way of showing you just how much of an impact Harley’s love has on her

Harley and Ivy are good to and for one another, and Harley Quinn holds their love up as an example of a messy, emotionally (and sexually) fulfilling relationship

Harley Quinn’s Jim is an irresponsible cop who drinks on the job and drives his loved ones away, his pivot to politics introduces a surprisingly dark note that contrasts well with Batgirl’s journey

Just when it seems like this season is shifting gears to focus on being the most interesting story about Gotham City’s politics that Warner Bros