Dave Chappelle is speaking out about the controversy surrounding his recent Netflix comedy special  

Chappelle remains unapologetic about the special, which includes transphobic material that has angered many in the LGBTQ community, at Netflix and beyond 

Chappelle was referring to pushback from Netflix employees who participated in a walkout last week after the company stood by the comedian 

Netflix also recently fired an employee connected to the blowback over how Chappelle and the comedy special are being handled. 

The controversy over The Closer — which has been available on Netflix since early October — has been brewing for weeks

In the special, Chappelle jokes about trans women and their genitalia and defends J.K. Rowling against critics who say she is transphobic and more 

Several trans comedians said they felt that Chappelle's comments were an example of "punching down" on those with less power and how the comedian continues to "scapegoat trans people." 

But according to Chappelle in Monday's video, "everyone I know from that community has been nothing but loving and supportive. So I don't know what this nonsense is about."