Unbox Therapy Net Worth: How This Person Become So Rich? Latest Update!

unbox therapy net worth

Unbox Therapy Net Worth: A prominent YouTube channel with 18.1 million members is Unbox Therapy. Unbox Therapy launched its YouTube channel in 2010. So, you might wonder: How much money does Unbox Therapy make? Or perhaps you’re wondering how much money Unbox Therapy makes. Unbox Therapy’s actual net worth is not widely known, however, some have made some assumptions. Unbox Therapy Net Worth?

Unbox Therapy Net Worth

Unbox Therapy Net Worth? Lewis Hilsenteger’s net worth as of September 2021 was estimated to be over $25 million based on the revenue from his YouTube channel. Through Unbox Therapy, many sponsorship agreements have existed.

He makes about $3.4 million a year, including money from his channel and sponsorships. YouTubers are oblivious to their proper wages. Thus, the data compare salaries. Lewis Hilsenteger has succeeded as a YouTuber because he put in a lot of effort to get where he is. He improved as a YouTuber thanks to his studies in digital art and other topics.

He was always interested in a new device. He decided to launch a technological channel to share his objective thoughts and ideas regarding specific items that were on the market. Every time a new device is released, his followers visit his channel to get information. He frequently uploads YouTube videos alongside his kid, to whom he is married.

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On December 21, 2010, Lewis Hilsenteger launched his YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, and began his career as a gadget reviewer. He typically uploads tech reviews in a creative, unfiltered way. Within a few days, Hilsenteger became well-known for his novel review approach. He has examined several goods from companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, and others. Hilsenteger has published 1925 YouTube uploads since 2010 in total.

Unbox Therapy Net Worth

Lewis Hilsenteger has 17.9 million subscribers and 4 billion views on Unbox Therapy. Every day, 1.3 million people visit his videos. This enormous amount of ideas generates $10,500 every day. Lewis Hilsenteger is freshly extending his YouTube presence. He has earned several awards over his YouTube career, including the OnePlus Community Award and the Community Awards 2020. Additionally, he owns YouTube’s Diamond Play Button.

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Early Life

On May 6, 1985, Lewis George Hilsenteger was born in the Greater Toronto Area. He seldom ever disclosed any private information. Hilsenteger began going to the Toronto School of Art at a young age. In this institution, he studied Digital Arts Photography and Video Editing. Later, he started tech reviewing in an original, fresh way. In addition, Lewis runs an Apple repair business nearby Ryerson University.

Personal life

On May 6, 1985, Hilsenteger was born. He resides in the Greater Toronto Area in Newmarket, Ontario. Hilsenteger studied digital art photography and video editing at the Toronto School of Art. Close to Ryerson University, Hilsenteger had a shop that fixed Apple products. He is wed, and they have a son.



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