TVET Education Clears Negative Stereotypes According to MCE


Students who choose a career in technical or vocational education should not be discouraged by their parents or guardians as the 2021–2022 computerized school selection and placement into senior high and technical schools continues (TVET).

All children should be supported and allowed to pursue their dreams, especially females who wish to pursue careers in technical and vocational education rather than the incorrect assumption that TVET is only for the academically weak.

While speaking to a group of 22 Baobab School for Trades and Traditional Arts trainees who had just graduated from the school’s graduation ceremony in Kissi-Kwahinkrom near Komenda, KEEA Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Mr. Ebo Appiah offered some words of wisdom.

At the school’s 20th anniversary celebration, which included a cultural display and traditional music, graduates were presented with colourful diplomas as part of a graduation ceremony that was a highlight of the event.

Graduands were taught kente weaving, carpentry, painting and decoration, cane and bamboo products, batik, tie-dye, dressmaking, and tailoring.

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Madame Edith de Vos, a German teacher, established the Baobab Foundation in 2001 with the goal of protecting children’s rights and enhancing their well-being through education.

With the help of the foundation, hundreds of young people receive technical education, vocational training, and medical care.

Mr. Appiah asserted that Ghanaians could no longer maintain negative stereotypes about vocational and technical education, which he argued were essential to the advancement of any country.

According to him, “we should cease from perceiving TVET as a programme for students who are academically weak but as the most certain way to transform Ghana through job creation and industrialization drive,” he stressed.

He said that the government was aware of its responsibility to provide the necessary opportunities for the country’s youth through the development and implementation of appropriate policies and programmes that would foster socioeconomic development.

The Ghana TVET Service has captured all of the country’s TVET institutions on the CSSPS for use by junior high school graduates across the country to take advantage of the government’s free TVET and free senior high school policies.

First-ever second-cycle TVET applied technology high schools across the country will be established by the government as a part of the TVET agenda.

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Career-based technical education would be provided by the schools, which would combine a rigorous academic core with input from industry to meet the growing demand for such a programme.

“The programmes will be compared to international best practises and standards.” “The Applied Technology High School will build strategic alliances with the community, industry, development partners, and government to ensure it is responsive to national needs and expectations of socioeconomic transformation,” he said.

He explained that there is an opportunity to continue from the national proficiency level through certificate and Higher National Diploma (HND) levels to Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Master of Technology (M.Tech) and Doctorate of Technology (D.Tech) with the national TVET qualifications framework that the commission is implementing.

According to Mr. Appiah, he applauded the institute for making it possible for young people interested in technical vocations to pursue their passions while also encouraging those who had completed their studies to start their own businesses.

Madame de Vos, the founder of the Baobab Foundation, spoke about the school’s history and accomplishments, saying that the school began in 2005 by providing basic education to street children at the Baobab Center.

However, the project evolved into the Baobab School for Trades and Traditional Arts, an inclusive school that offers subsequent vocational training.

In order to help young people from the most disadvantaged groups in society, the facility provides training for those with little or no formal education, disabilities, or health issues, as well as brilliant but needy students.

For all those who persevered in spite of the odds, Madame de Vos was elated with their success and looked forward to seeing them succeed in the workforce in the future.

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