Top of the Lake Season 3: Cancellation looming Overhead

Top of the Lake Season 3

As we have mentioned numerous times, the space of mystery dramas is tough to navigate, and only a few manage to come out on top. The series Top of the Lake is among them and has been quite successful and popular. However, the time delay between the subsequent seasons has reduced its viewership drastically. No one wants to wait for a sequel to a series for over four years. The interest drops off, and the series is back in the masses, awaiting cancellation. Still, ardent fans of the series have asked for info about Top of the Lake Season 3, and we are here to provide that. So keep reading on.


Top of the Lake is a television mystery drama series created and written by Gerard Lee and Jane Campion and directed by Campion and Garth Davis. It debuted in 2013, and Top of the Lake: China Girl’s sequel debuted in 2017. It is Campion’s first television project since the 1990s, An Angel at My Table.

The show follows Detective Robin Griffin as she investigates the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl in New Zealand. China Girl is set five years later in Sydney, as Detective Griffin investigates the death of an unidentified Asian girl discovered at Bondi Beach. 

The series has received generally positive feedback.

Release Date

Top of the Lake premiered on March 18, 2013, with its second season following four years later in 2017. It’s been four years since the Sundance Channel or the show’s creator, Jane Campion, made an official announcement. Given the silence, it’s safe to assume that Top of the Lake Season 3 has been canceled.

Some may argue that the second season aired after more than four years. So there’s still a chance for Top of the Lake Season 3 to happen. However, remember that Jane Campion announced the renewal for the second season in 2014, and filming had already begun in 2015. If there were any plans for Season 3 of Top of the Lake, there would have been a statement or news about the shooting.

Top of the Lake Season 3 will not take place, as difficult as it is for us to say goodbye to our favorite mystery.


As mentioned earlier, Season 3 of Top of the Lake has been canceled. This means that there will be no storyline for the said season. However, we hope the series is picked up in the near future by a streaming platform, and we will see Season 3 in its full glory.

Top of the Lake Season 3Cast

In both series, Elisabeth Moss plays Robin Griffin, a Sydney detective specializing in sexual assault. Other cast members include:


David Wenham plays Al Parker, an old-school, well-liked detective sergeant based in Queenstown. He runs a café where young offenders are given a second chance.

Peter Mullan plays Matt Mitcham, the head of the Mitcham family. He is the town’s unofficial leader, feared by the residents, but with a complicated inner life.

Tom Wright plays Johnno Mitcham, Matt’s estranged youngest son, and Robin’s adolescent sweetheart. He recently returned to Laketop after serving eight years in a Thai prison for drug possession.

Holly Hunter plays GJ, an androgynous Swiss spiritual leader who arrives in Paradise with a group of troubled women hoping GJ and Laketop can help them rediscover themselves.


Kip Chapman and Jay Ryan play Matt Mitcham’s brute sons, Luke and Mark Mitcham.

 Jacqueline Joe plays Tui Angel Mitcham, Matt’s 12-year-old daughter, disappears after people discover that she is five months pregnant,

Robyn Nevin plays Robin’s cancer-stricken mother, Jude Griffin.

Calvin Tutelo plays Turangi, Jude’s Mori boyfriend who has a violent temper.


The Top of the Lake has no trailer as the show stands canceled.

I hope this article on Top of the Lake Season 3 was helpful. Stay tuned for more!

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