Tooturnttony Net Worth 2022: Career, Early Life, Girlfriend, Stats, Instagram

Tooturnttony Net Worth
Tooturnttony Net Worth
Tooturnttony Net Worth

TooTurnttony, the famous TikTok celebrity, is now the talk of the town. Yes, Of course, who doesn’t entertain with his comedy videos and lip-syncing skits. Well, He is currently working as a duck rancher, having previously worked as a model. He is well-known for role-plays with his duck on TikTok. With this fame and hard work, TooTurnttony has got an estimated Net worth of 1 million USD.

His best comedy videos have earned him millions of followers all around the world. He has a following of 6 million on TikTok, over 895000 on Instagram, and 1.49 lac subscribers on YouTube. He’s also known for posting creative photographs of his farms and lovely ducks on Instagram. In this article, you learn aboutTooTurnttony’s life, Stats, his Girlfriend, and more.

Tooturnttony Stats

Tooturnttony Age (in 2022): 25 years.

Tooturnttony Height (as reported): 6.0 ft

Tooturnttony Weight (as reported): 70 kg

Tooturnttony Instagram: @tooturnttoni,

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown

Occupation: Social Media Star, Entrepreneur, Model, Rancher.

Net worth: 1 million USD

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Early Life

Tooturnttony Net Worth

Tooturnttony, aka Anthony, was born on Feb 1, 1995, in Michigan, USA. He has two siblings, Maria and Dominic. He started making and acting in videos when he was just four years old and continued to do so with his friends till he reached his college years when he and his father would pretend to smoke on the top of the automobile.

He got his schooling at Western Michigan University. His major was video, cinema, and media studies, and he passed with honors. During his years as an undergraduate, he continued to make movies with his friends. He was also linked with “Vine,” a social media network that allowed users to share videos. However, it was later shut down.


Anthony, commonly known as Tooturnttony, has always been fascinated with filming and acting in videos. However, before his TikTok fame, he worked as a model in the local fashion and modeling sector. He also continued to build lean muscle and improve his overall fitness.

Tooturnttony always had a passion for being a comic or an actor, and he was particularly excellent at it but wasn’t able to do it because of his degree and work. Ultimately, he gained the opportunity to express his creativity in early 2022, when he was secluded in his ranch and had infinite access to TikTok.

Initially, Tooturnttony joined Vine and began posting comical videos there. After Vine was shut down, he moved on to TikTok. He was famous for his funny videos shot on his property with his duck and his mother. He immediately gained a reputation and a following because of these videos. Many young female fans were entranced by his looks and humorous nature and began to follow him on TikTok, not in Real Life (That would be stalking).


Personal Life

As of 2022, Tooturnttony is working as a social media influencer and duck rancher. He is very private about his love life. He has not shared anything about his relationship status to date, and it was speculated that he was single.

Tooturnttony’s Girlfriend

However, it was recently leaked that Tooturnttony’s girlfriend is 27-year-old Briana Armbruster, aka The Ski Mask Girl, who is also a famous TikTok star.


What is Tooturnttony’s real name?

His real first name is Anthony. However, his last name has been a mystery, and the TikTok star does not talk about it, ever.

Who is Tooturnttony’s Sister?

Tooturnttony has a sister, Maria, who has been featured in many of his videos. One of the most viral videos on his channel is where he bursts into her room.

Tooturnttony Merch

As is the norm with almost all Social Media Stars, Tooturnttony has also come out with his own merch, offering a wide range of wearables, including shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, t-shirts, bathing suits, caps and hats, beanies, tank tops, necklaces, bongs, flags, posters, mugs and even ski masks.

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