Titon is a new technology from Xeikon


According to the Belgian manufacturer of the product, Titon’s dry toner technology is “the most food-safe technology in the digital landscape, even with only paper as the main functional barrier.”

Xeikon says the toner is also completely odourless and tasteless, which means it can be used in a wide range of applications with both indirect and direct food contact, making it suitable for a wide range of products.

“The flexible packaging market is moving towards more sustainable paper-based solutions as a result of strong consumer demand for plastic-free alternatives,” Xeikon market intelligence and senior product manager Frank Jacobs explained.

When it comes to food packaging, “Xeikon’s new Titon technology offers a sustainable solution for an unexplored and wider variety of applications to fully support brand owners, designers, and printers wishing to increase their use of paper-based packaging for food.”

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To Xeikon’s satisfaction, Titon is also “extremely resistant” to scratches and scuffs; water; sunlight; high temperatures; a wide range of liquid chemicals; and “excellent” resistance to scuffing and scratching.

Heat sealing temperatures of up to 428-500°F are critical for maintaining the pack’s integrity and protecting the product. This material can withstand these temperatures.

Papers coated on one or both sides, such as those used in baggies, pouches, and sachets, as well as those used in the packaging of baked goods, confectionery items, sugar and flour, herbs and spices, coffee beans and tea cans, can be printed with Titon.

“With the migration toward paper-based packaging printing, the demand on the print technology has become more stringent in terms of being food safe without a plastic functional barrier or plastic lamination to protect the print itself,” Jacobs said.

In addition, Titon can print directly on paper substrates without varnishing or lamination, either inline or off-line.

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Xeikon vice-president of marketing Filip Weymans made the announcement during a webinar on 30 March: “With this solution, people will be able to address the short to medium run length, specifically in paper-based flexo packaging. Consider using pouches, blister packs, paper baking cups, or paper cups that don’t require a protective varnish to be applied to the surface.

The ability to enter that field is already a unique benefit provided by Xeikon, but it will also improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in existing markets by eliminating the need for varnish or lamination, which causes downtime and setup time, and also by avoiding the time-consuming priming processes, as with liquid toner, for example.”

A 508mm-wide digital press model from the Cheetah series, the Xeikon CX500t, will be the first model to run Titon technology.

The 26th–28th of April will see live demonstrations of the technology at Xeikon Café in Lier, Belgium.

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