The Honey Pot Sensitive Wash Controversy: Can the Brand Reel Back From This?

The Honey Pot sensitive wash controversy

Feminine-sensitive care products have always been criticized for being too chemically inclined and less natural. As a result, many women suffer due to a lack of natural feminine hygiene products in the market because their bodies don’t tolerate the chemical. This is where Honey Pot Feminine care products come in. They claim to be all-natural and without any preservatives, and they have been doing quite well until now. The brand faces allegations of changing the product ingredients without informing the users, and an enormous controversy was born. This could destroy the brand, which according to the CEO, is all about transparency. So let us know all about The Honey Pot sensitive wash controversy. Keep reading on.

Some Interesting Facts About Bea Dixon 

Bea Dixon, CEO of Honey Pot line of “feminine care” and sexual wellness products, debuted in 2014 with the gleam of something divine. The products were marketed as plant-derived, with no artificial fragrances or parabens added, and backed by a team of female gynecologists.

The attraction of the company, apart from its products, is that the company is owned by a Black woman. The design of each product is made so that it is inviting and direct, with a note that almost exclusively speaks to Black, Black trans, and Black queer women. The note says:

“An ancestor provided me with the ingredients and granted me with a vision to heal my body.” 

Bea Dixon and her team made it clear that the goal of their brand was to ensure that Black women and girls could see themselves in their stories.

How The Controversy Started?

NPR interview with Bea Dixon provides lessons for any brand undergoing product changes and a lesson in ingredient transparency.

Dixon, who established Honey Pot to provide “plant-derived feminine care,” recently faced the universal challenge of supply chain disruptions and related out-of-stock issues.

Simultaneously, the brand sought to improve its shelf life by implementing a new preservation system that ensured compliance with Clean at Sephora and Target Clean.

Unfortunately, once the reformulated products hit the shelves and into consumers’ hands, social media posts flooded in, criticizing the brand for the unannounced changes to the ingredient composition and spreading misinformation about the company being sold and thus no longer Black-owned. ( This is not true; the company has not been sold, and Dixon still owns the company.)

Dixon told an NPR reporter, “We didn’t plan for that reformulation to happen when it did. But, because of how the global supply chain is set up, we had to accelerate those changes much faster, you know, while also running the business. We had to accelerate and amp up our new formula, bringing it into the fold because we were out of stock and wanted to get back into stock faster.”

Dixon and the brand have since provided numerous explanations on Twitter and Instagram. Consumers have responded to the communication push with support and skepticism, demonstrating authentic brands’ difficulties when making updates.

The Honey Pot sensitive wash controversyDixons Explanation and Apology

Dixon posted a video message on her Instagram that said:

“I am spiritually and professionally connected to this brand,” she said in a video statement posted to social media on Monday evening, addressing three significant points of concern: ownership, ingredients, and how the brand could have handled the situation.

“My brother, myself, and our team still own the Honey Pot,” she explained. “The Honey Pot was not sold.” Everything is a lie and a rumor. I am still the company’s owner, CEO, and chief innovation officer. Period. Any other discussion is simply not true.”

She said that while the ingredients had changed, their safety had not.

“Because transparency and communication have always been our promises to you, I’ll be honest. “Our washes have evolved,” she said. “We have not done compromise what is important, which is that it is plant-derived, pH-balanced, and scientifically supported.” I can assure you that this formula is exactly what it was intended to be: safe, beautiful, and even more effective.”

We should have communicated more about the updates,” she admitted.

“We realize we should have communicated with our humans more directly. To be honest, we had planned a change to our formula that we would launch later than we did. We were going to tell you about it. But, given the state of the global supply chain, our plans had to be accelerated.”

The video message goes on, but this is the gist of it. She also issued an apology in their newsletter apart from this.

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