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The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More!

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Release Date

Who doesn’t like a good reality show? They are the trend these days, and people love to watch them. The thrill of watching something entertaining on a spontaneous level is exceptionally high. The Curse of Oak Island is precisely that. Viewers genuinely want to see the crew find valuable objects and root for them throughout. The show has gotten excellent reviews and ratings, evident from the 9 seasons it has aired. The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Release Date has been a topic in fans’ minds, and we have the answer. So, buckle up and keep reading on.


The Curse of Oak Island follows a diverse group of treasure hunters on their quest for legendary treasure on Oak Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is an American television production debuted on the History network in Canada on January 6, 2014. The show focuses on the Oak Island mystery, which depicts efforts to find historical artifacts and treasures. Season 9 premiered on November 2, 2021.


Release Date

The Season 10 of the show has yet to be officially renewed by History Channel. This definitely does not imply that the show has been canceled. The ninth Season of the show ended recently on May 9. The show producers may be contemplating the 10th Season and its workings.

There is news, however, that Season 10 of the show has been renewed for the fall of 2022. However, this seems unlikely.



The team overcame challenges and discovered more gold and evidence of Spanish origin. They only realized Zena Halpern’s map was incorrect as they got closer to solving the island’s 226-year-old mystery and proving the Knights Templar conspiracy theory.

As a final bonus, they discovered the wreckage of a massive sailing vessel, putting them right in the middle of the central conflict of their mission. In the season finale, the team began their long-awaited excavation of the swamp, which was exciting and suspenseful.

Season 10 will almost certainly pick up where Season 9 left off, delving deeper into the mystery surrounding the Knights Templar treasure’s origins, existence, and destruction. It will also determine whether the Lagina brothers’ mission was successful or unsuccessful. Furthermore, as the investigation progresses, the scope of future excavation projects on and off the island may become more apparent.


Rick Lagina – He is a retired postal worker who is the main driving force behind the project.

Dan Blankenship – A treasure seeker on Oak Island for nearly 50 years.

Dave Blankenship – has been helping his father on the island since the 1970s.

Craig Tester – The business partner of Marty Lagina and father of Drake Tester

Jack Begley – Stepson of Craig Tester, Jack tends to take on the dirtier jobs on the island.

Alex Lagina – The son of Marty, he is a qualified diver.

Dan Henskee – 1 of only 3 Oak Island treasure hunters searching the island for several decades. 

Charles Barkhouse – An Oak Island historian who also acts as a tour guide for Oak Island Tours

Peter Fornetti – Rick and Marty’s nephew

David Fornetti – Rick and Marty’s nephew

William Castedo – David Fornetti’s friend 

Paul Troutman– A researcher and the son of a man who worked with Robert Dunfield

Drake Tester– Son of Craig Tester 

Fred Nolan – A land surveyor who first came to Oak Island in 1958, he was a land owner and treasure hunter on the island until he died in 2016.

Doug Crowell – A researcher who introduces the team to Zena Halpern. 

Billy Gerhardt– A heavy equipment operator who starts conducting most of the heavy digging

Terry Matheson – A local geologist who joins the team to analyze cuttings and cores

Laird Niven– A local archaeologist 

Gary Drayton– A metal detecting expert who lives in Florida.

Steve Guptil – A local surveyor

Tom Nolan– Son of Fred Nolan.

Scott Barlow – The Oak Island Tours Inc. project manager.


Season 10 of Curse of Oak Island has no trailer available as of yet. We hope the trailer will launch around the time of the announcement of the Season.



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