Tesla The Great Radio Controversy: Info and Review of the Hit Album.

Tesla The Great Radio Controversy


Tesla The Great Radio Controversy is an album released by the American hard rock band Tesla in 1989. This was their second album. The album’s music has been described as “metal to play inside the cab of a tractor-bluesy denim and plain wholesome.”

The band’s smash singles “Love Song,” “Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out),” “Hang Tough,” and “The Way It Is” gained extensive broadcast on MTV’s Headbangers Ball, catapulting the band to stardom.

The CD is named after the long-running debate over who invented the radio. It is widely assumed that the original inventor of the radio was Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla (for whom the band is named). In contrast, the Italian Guglielmo Marconi took credit and is widely considered to possess the title. This is detailed in the album’s inner sleeve.

On July 23, 1998, the RIAA certified the album as double platinum.

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Reviews and Critical Reception

Steve Huey from All Music reviews The Great Radio Controversy. He said

“The Great Radio Controversy, one of the band’s strongest albums, keeps the customary big-sounding production and great hooks of ’80s pop-metal, but Tesla adds a grittier, bluesier edge to their music than most of their counterparts. Tesla’s songwriting is dependably solid but never quite outstanding on most of their albums; nonetheless, “Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)”, “Love Song,” and “The Way It Is” are among their best, with melodies and riffs that aren’t predictable, cookie-cutter fare. The Great Radio Controversy broadens the sound of Mechanical Resonance by using additional acoustic instruments, which gives more textural and dynamic contrasts. Yet, the weaker periods are nevertheless enlivened by the twin-guitar attack of Tommy Sketch and Frank Hannon.”

Kirk Blows of the British music journal Music Week gave the album a positive review. He feels the album’s musical substance will be well received and “satisfy even the most discriminating rock fan “′′There’s enough of light and gloom here as well, all delivered with an overpowering air of confidence from a band eager to grow on their promising foundation,′′ he writes.

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Tracks in the Album

1.” Hang Tough” written by Jeff Keith, Tommy Skeoch, Frank Hannon and Brian Wheat

2.” Lady Luck” written by Keith, Skeoch, Hannon, Wheat

3.”Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)” written by Keith, Skeoch

4.”Be a Man” written by Keith, Hannon, Skeoch

5.”Lazy Days, Crazy Nights” written by Keith, Skeoch

6.”Did It for the Money” written by Keith, Skeoch, Hannon

7.” Yesterdaze Gone” written by Keith, Hannon

8.” Makin’ Magic” written by Keith, Skeoch, Hannon, Wheat

9.”The Way It Is” written by Keith, Skeoch, Hannon, Troy Luccketta

10.”Flight to Nowhere” written by Keith, Skeoch, Hannon, Wheat

11.” Love Song” written by Keith, Hannon

12.”Paradise” written by Keith, Hannon, Wheat

13.”Party’s Over” written by Keith, Hannon, Skeoch

Tesla The Great Radio ControversySingles

9″Heaven’s Trail”: Mainstream Rock Tracks

Hang Tough”: Mainstream Rock Tracks 

“Love Song”: Mainstream Rock Tracks 

“The Way It Is”: Mainstream Rock Tracks

Honours and Accolades

Rolling Stone: 50 Greatest Metal Albums Hair of All Time; Rank 11

L.A. Weekly: Chuck Klosterman’s Favorite Hair Metal Albums; Rank 18

Martin Popoff: Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums of All Time; Rank 415




Jeff Keith provides vocals.

Tommy Skeoch provides guitars and background vocals

Frank Hannon performs on guitars, piano, synthesiser, and organ.

Brian Wheat provides bass and background vocals.

Drummer Troy Luccketta


Steve Thompson is a producer and mixer at Mediasound in New York City.

Michael Barbiero is a producer, engineer, and mixer.

George Cowan – assistant engineer and additional recording

Vic Deyglio works as an assistant engineer.

Mastering by George Marino at Sterling Sound in New York City

Barry Diament – New York City- CD mastering at BDA


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