Team Zenko Go season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and more!

Team Zenko Go season 2

Team Zenko Go season 2: Fans eagerly anticipated Team Zenko Go Season 2 after the first season’s success. As a result, we will provide all of the most recent Season 2 updates. So far, here’s everything you need to know. Let’s have a look at what we discovered for you.

Team Zenko Go is a DreamWorks Animation Television and Mainframe Studios preschool computer-animated children’s streaming television series. The series, based on Chris Tougas’ “Dojo Daycare” books and created by Jack Thomas for Netflix, premiered on March 15, 2022

Team Zenko Go Season 2 Plot

The series chronicles the exploits of the titular team. It consists of a group of four specially-trained children who roam around their community of Harmony Harbor, making “Zenkos” (Japanese for “good deeds”) in secret. They are aided by their teacher and mentor, Auntie Yuki, and Ponzu, her pet flying squirrel.

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As season 1 of the popular show was 12 episodes long, there would not be a problem with the continuation of the storyline. The storyline would move linearly from season 1, with Niah, Ari, Ellie, and Jax in the foreground, still running around doing various good deeds for the community. Season 2 would probably have the same characters and voice actors.

Team Zenko Go Season 2 Release Date

The trailer of the second installment for this series was shared by Netflix about a month ago. Since then, fans of the immensely popular series have been dying for season 2. So, hold your hats as season 2 of Team Zenko Go will be released on August 8, 2022.

Team Zenko Go season 2

Team Zenko Go Season 2 Cast

Hartley Bernier as Ari. He is the group’s newest member. In the series premiere, Ari has recently moved to Harmony Harbor and assists his mother in running the comic book business where they live. He is dedicated and clever, having discovered the team while everyone else had missed it. Ari is a wheelchair user, yet he can design several devices for the crew to employ, most notably the grabinator, a robotic arm that extends. His suit colour is sky blue.

Penelope Good as Ellie, a senior member of the team Ellie is artistic and dramatic, although she can come across as arrogant at times. She is incredibly acrobatic and proficient at jumping due to her creative abilities. She can also expertly replicate a person’s voice, which often aids the squad in remaining hidden. Her suit colour is sky blue.

Dominic Mariche, as Jax, a senior member of the team Jax is aggressive, yet he can overthink things and miss important details. While Jax possesses his teammates’ agility and stealth talents, he is most renowned for carrying a notebook collecting information on every individual in town (regularly updated), providing the team with some insight into their current case. His suit colour is red.

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Nakai Takawira, as Niah, a senior member of the team. Niah enjoys being outside in nature and is a member of the community garden, among many other organisations in town. She is adept in the natural world and can imitate bird cries. Her suit colour is purple, and she is the only African-American member of the main cast.

D’arcy Han as Auntie Yuki. The team’s mentor and the owner of a noodle truck in Harmony Harbor. Yuki delivers advice that can be ambiguous at times, but she is always willing to assist when required. She is odd and frequently disagrees with Ponzu, yet her support is often crucial to the squad.

Tabitha St. Germain as Ponzu, a northern flying squirrel, is Auntie Yuki’s pet and assistant. Ponzu is often reckless and lazy, causing as many difficulties as he attempts to fix for the squad. He can perform many feats, including his species’ distinctive gliding ability, but his voracious appetite limits his abilities.


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