Team Members

1. Annette Miller – Founder

Annette is passionate for excellence with commitment towards work. She founded Shouzy with an aim to create a cutting-edge online platform for readers who seek unlimited access to quality news pieces. She jots down articles for US and World sections.

2. Carlos Davis – Writer (Business)

Carlos previously worked as a journalist for several local newspapers until he realized the potential of internet for news reporting. He joined the team as a contributor which provided him a platform to dedicate his experience and knowledge for a wider range of audience. He excels in curating business news for the website.

3.Daniel Post – Editor & Writer(Science)

Daniel has been a part of the journey ever since Shouzy started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, he contributes his editing skills for the website. He also jots down intellectual pieces from Science category.

4. Julie Carr – Writer (Tech)

A passionate software developer with knack for jotting down error-free news pieces, Julie is an intellectual who loves technology. She has been compiling news pieces for Shouzy in the technology genre.