Tarek El Moussa Net Worth: Career, Bio, Cancer, TV show

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth
Tarek El Moussa Net Worth
Tarek El Moussa Net Worth

Tarek El Moussa is a name everyone who has watched any amount of TV is familiar with. He is a well-known Reality Television Personality and Real estate investor. You might recognize him from the hit HGTV TV series ”Flip or Flop”, where he was the host of the TV series along with his ex-wife, Christina El Moussa. Tarek is an Orange County-based real estate agent and house flipper. The ex-couple run the ”Tarek and Christina: The El Moussa Group”. 

Tarek’s net worth is estimated to be about $15 million. To know more about his life, upbringing, and his incredible career, keep on reading.

Tarek El Moussa Bio

Tarek El Moussa Age (in 2022): 42 years.

Tarek El Moussa Height (as reported): 5.10 ft 

Tarek El Moussa Weight (as reported): 78 kg 

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Occupation: Reality TV personality, Real estate agent, House Flipper, and Investor.

Net worth: 15 million USD

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Early Life

Tarek was born and raised in Long Beach, California, USA, on August 21, 1981. He is of European/Arab ancestry. He’s half Middle-Eastern, half European. His father was raised Catholic in Lebanon and later Egypt, and his mother is from Belgium. Tarek’s father moved to Europe when he was in his teens.

Tarek has a sister named Dominique. He enjoys a positive relationship with his family, including his father, mother, and stepfather, who all live near to each other and lend a helping hand with his kids.


Tarek El Moussa received his real estate license at 21 and immediately began flipping houses in Orange County, California. He is highly regarded for his success at auction, buying homes, renovating them, and selling them for a profit. Tarek met Christina Haack through the flipping industry. The duo quickly teamed up, with Christina’s focus on the design end and Tarek’s focus on managing renovations. The business was in full swing until the economic collapse in 2008. In view of the devastating crash, the duo went from living in a $6000 sizeable luxurious house per month to a $700 tiny apartment month.

Tarek and his wife Christina ran The El Moussa Group together in Orange County, California. This area is regarded as having one of the largest foreclosure rates in the entire country during the housing industry crash. Their first investment came in the form of a house that Tarek, Christina, and their other partner Pete De Best bought in Santa Ana for $115,000. They sold the property, making a profit of $34,000. The three partners split the money and now were on a spree to flip houses, expanding their investing business into Nevada and Arizona.

Tarek and Christina’s real estate business grew more robust with the growing economy. One day in 2011, Tarek, with the goal of making it into an audition tape, asked a friend to film them flipping a house from start to finish. This tape caught the eye of Pie Town Productions and HGTV. They contacted the couple, and in 2012, Christina and Tarek signed a deal with HGTV. Their reality show Flip or Flop premiered in April 2013. The show follows the duo through the tense process of property bidding, renovating, and restoring it so that it is profitable on the market and then reselling it. Christina and Tarek filmed 92 episodes between 2013 to 2019, throughout seven seasons. This exposure made the couple extremely popular.

Tarek’s brand-new show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa”, was announced by HGTV. The show’s star is Tarek himself, as he mentors the real estate novices to help them learn the art of flipping houses.

Personal Life

Tarek and Christina got married in 2009, and the couple had two children together, a daughter named Taylor Reese and a son named Brayden James. Tarek and Christina called it quits in 2018. Tarek then got married in 2021 to model and “Selling Sunset” star Heather Rae Young.


Tarek El Moussa has a vast car collection. Some of them include:

●Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 

●Jaguar I-Pace

 ●BMW X9 

●Audi Q2

Tarek purchased his Long Beach, California, home for an estimated $7 million. The estate is spread across five thousand square feet.


Did Tarek el Moussa have Cancer?

Ryan Reade, who is a registered nurse and fan of the show, wrote to the program’s production company in 2013 and suggested that Tarek get the lump on his neck checked by a doctor, which the nurse had seen while watching Flip or Flop. It turned out to be cancer, and eventually, Tarek was diagnosed with thyroid and testicular cancer. The nurse probably saved Tarek’s life before it spread became a significant problem.

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