Super Mario World turns One Billion Seconds Old Today!

Super Mario World turns One Billion Seconds Old Today
Super Mario World turns One Billion Seconds Old Today

Super Mario World is soon going to be 32 years old in November 2022, but the legendary game has already reached another milestone in digits.

Super Mario World turns One Billion Secondsf

The Super Mario Broth fan account on Twitter has shared an indisputable intriguing detail: As of today, the legendary game that every single person has heard of and played at some point in their life, on any platform, is the classic Super Mario World has turned 1 billion seconds old. We could approximate it to about 32 years… but without a doubt, the first figure is more intriguing.

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A tweet by Supper Mario Broth read, “Today, Super Mario World turns exactly one billion seconds old.”

They further went on to make calculations, and this is what the post said:

“Super Mario World was first released on November 21, 1990, in Japan.

 1 billion seconds equals-

16,666,667 minutes or

277,777 hours, or

11,574 days, or

31 years, 8 months and 8 days.

Adding that time to the original release date of November 21 1990, gives us July 30, 2022, as the day on which the game turns 1 billion seconds.

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At the time of this post, it will already be July 30 in Japan. Since the game did not have a midnight release and was available whenever stores opened on its release date, we can only pinpoint this moment somewhere within 24 hours off this post being published.”

A billionth-second milestone also means that the original F-Zero is also a billion seconds old today. And technically, it also means the Super Famicom is a billion seconds.

The game is very nostalgic for everyone that has ever played it, and that is almost everyone. The legendary game faced many hurdles but refused to lay down and die. In a world of 3d games with open-world elements, the classic 2d Mario remained a staple, competing with the better graphical and structural games.

It ultimately evolved and got into the 3d space, but the real OG of the Mario franchise wild l always be the 2d games. The Super Mario games didn’t base themselves on graphics or storyline. This game was pure level based built. You get a dose of Dopamine in your brain when you finish a level. And that’s what The Super Mario franchise was best at.

The franchise is still going strong, and we can argue that it is one of the best in the industry, a game that has reached milestones that no other franchise can even dream of. The game that refuses to be irrelevant and the game that just keeps pushing and growing into the legendary status it already has.

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