Super Lovers Season 3: Is the Anime getting a Renewal?

Super Lovers Season 3

Super Lovers is a popular manga even before its adaptation to anime. The name says it all, and manga fans have crossed over to the anime and love it. Besides, people who have not read the manga enjoyed the series very much. The series has a tender and soft approach to love and its nuances. The chemistry between the characters depicts the greatness of the writing, and fans love this. Fans now want to know the Super Lovers Season 3 and we have these answers. So keep reading on.


Miyuki Abe, author of Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East, created the Japanese yaoi manga series Super Lovers, published in the magazine Emerald. In April 2016, an anime adaptation debuted. In January 2017, the second season premiered.

Release Date

 As of September 2022, the third season of Super Lovers is not confirmed yet. However, this does not mean that the show has been canceled. It is common practice for some anime series to keep a gap of five or even six years between 2 seasons. We just have to wait and hold on for now.

However, Super Lovers Season 3 is expected to arrive as soon as possible because Studio Deen has enough content for the third season.


We have no confirmation about the exact plot of the upcoming season. However, it does not mean that we can’t speculate. The story will build upon the previous season’s plot, and the characters will grow likewise. Here is the plot of the previous season to help you understand what lies ahead.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

The story of Super Lovers revolves around Haru and his brother Ren, two pivotal characters. Ren was Haru’s adopted brother.

Haru is a Japanese main character who lives in Tokyo. His mother, who lives in Canada, is dying, and Haru must travel to see his mother one last time before she is gone. He travels to Canada because he is the family’s eldest son and wants to be with his mother as she approaches death.

But when he arrives at his mother’s house, he discovers something else. Haru realizes that his mother’s illness is a hoax. But he soon realizes that his mother had duped him simply because he was capable of caring for Ren. Ren, a young boy, had recently been adopted by her mother.

He was initially enraged, but he eventually made peace with his new sibling and attempted reconciliation with him. On the other hand, Ren is relatively isolated from the lively and friendly atmosphere. He is a shyer, less social child who is more at ease with dogs than humans.

After learning of his suspicious demeanor, Haru found it challenging to meet Ren and form a solid connection. Ren, determined not to give Haru the satisfaction of rescuing him, persists and tries to stand on his own. Ren uses this opportunity to share his own experiences with Haru.

But when Haru is forced to return to Tokyo, their bond blooms once more. Ren and Haru had previously agreed that Ren would return to Tokyo after completing high school.

Ren had promised Harry that he would marry her. After so many years, Harry requests that Harry keep his promise. He is shocked to learn that Haru has lost a significant portion of his memory due to an unfortunate incident. Ren’s promise has slipped his mind.

Super Lovers Season 3 Cast

Toshiyuki Morikawa plays Haru Kaido.

Hiroshi Kamiya plays Ren Kaido.

Kento Hayashi plays Aki Kaido in the series.

Daisuke Ono plays Shima Kaido.

Teruaki Ogawa plays Takashi Kaido.

Ruri Kaido is played by Yuko Sasaki.

There may also be new additions to the second season as new characters are introduced for the plot progression.

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Super Lovers Season 3 has no trailer available yet. We anticipate that the trailer will launch about a month before the premiere of Season 3. We encourage you to watch the previous trailer and get hyped about the upcoming one.

I hope this article on Super Lovers Season 3 was helpful. Stay tuned for more!


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