Summer Walker slammed for tattooing boyfriend’s name on face

It’s written all over her face: Summer Walker is in love. 

But the “Over It” songstress is under social media hellfire for tattooing her new boyfriend’s name next to her left eye. 

“I cant keep defending summer walker. that new tattoo … she’s so damn stupid,” a frustrated fan lamented on Twitter. “I’m disappointed in Summer Walker at this point,” tweeted another, punctuating her disapproval with the confused emoji. “Why tf would she go and tattoo that man name on her face?.”

Walker, 25, debuted her permanent ode to rapper LVRD Pharaoh, née Larry, to her 4.2 million Instagram followers Tuesday. 

In her video post — which has racked up more than 4.3 million views in 24 hours — the “Insane” chanteuse flaunts her ill-reputed ink with clips of herself kissing and licking Larry’s forehead.

Larry also demonstrated his love for the chart-topping diva by etching her name over his right eyebrow. 

Walker’s contestable tat comes just days after she released her sophomore studio album, “Still Over It.” The soulful anthology charts the R&B bombshell’s journey through heartbreak and humiliation after her public breakup with producer London on da Track, real name London Holmes, 30.  

Summer Walker gets slammed on social media for tattooing her new boyfriend's name on her face,
Summer Walker has been slammed on social media for tattooing her new boyfriend’s name on her face,
Instagram / @summerwalker

She and Holmes — who has four kids with as many women — welcomed a daughter, known as Princess Bubblegum, in March. The pair broke up shortly after their baby’s birth. Walker has since openly bashed Holmes for cheating on her throughout their relationship and has labeled him a “deadbeat” father to their child. 

And now, disgruntled fans of the “Girls Need Love” lady songbird — who went public about her new romance with Larry over the summer — are concerned that her face tattoo is a sign that she’s foolishly rushing into a new relationship without considering the emotional repercussions. 

“Summer Walker tattoo a man name on she face. How long y’all think this relationship gun last? I’m thinking no further than March 2022,” tweeted a critic, doubting the longevity of her and Larry’s budding love. 

“Not Summer Walker giving us a whole album about how men ain’t sh–t and then going and doing some reckless sh–t like tattoo a mans name on her forehead?? Girl who tf is LARRY?? Bye,” penned another naysayer

Side-stepping the backlash, Walker wrote a message to her supporters, via Instagram Story, saying, “Moral of the story is: (if you listened to my album) learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, heal, find happiness and most importantly move on.”

She added: “It’s funny how life works … I never thought right after experiencing the lowest point of my life I’d be the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life. God is good.”

Larry has also responded to his and Walker’s digital detractors, defending their courtship on his Instagram saying, “FYI: I’m not the ‘new boo’ lmaoo.” 

He continued: “The real ones been knowing each other since 2014,” suggesting he and the “Toxic” singer have been an item for years.

Walker first went pubic about her relationship with LVRD Pharoh over the summer.
Walker first went public about her relationship with LVRD Pharaoh over the summer.
Instagram / @lvrdpharoh