Sofia Franklyn Dating Update: Is she still with “Suitman”?

Sofia Franklyn Dating

Sofia Franklyn Dating: Sofia Franklyn is a well-known American media personality born July 21, 1992. Furthermore, as a blogger, she has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Sofia, an internet celebrity, rose to notoriety through her podcasting and blogging activities. She is still establishing a name for herself in the world of podcasting and blogging on the internet.

She is well-known for her “Call Her Daddy” Barstool Sports podcast. In addition, she recently created her YouTube channel, ‘Sofia With An F,’ which has over 3,000 subscribers.


Real Name: Sofia Franklyn

Birth Place: Utah, United States 

Date of Birth: July 21 1992

Age: 30 years old

Height: 5’5″ ft

Weight: 52 kg

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Single

Profession: Internet Personality, Radio Host, Actress

Net Worth: $500,000

Early Career

Sofia earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Utah. Before entering the entertainment world, she worked in a banking firm.

She left her banking job and moved to Los Angeles. She started her career at Barstool Sports, covering blogs, videos, and podcasts. It also motivated her to learn more about podcasting. Sofia Franklyn’s attractive build made the podcast much more alluring and engaging.

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Call Her Daddy

Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn founded the counselling and humour podcast Call Her Daddy in 2018. The programme was previously owned and distributed by Barstool Sports until June 2021, when it was reported that Cooper had struck a $60 million exclusive agreement with Spotify. Barstool still handles the podcast’s merchandise.  In the late spring of 2020, Alexandra and Sofia had a public disagreement with Barstool founder David Portnoy, culminating in Franklyn’s departure. Cooper made a deal with Barstool and continued to broadcast the show on her own.

Contract Dissension 

 According to the New York Post, the girls were bound by a contract that paid them $75,000 each per year at the time of the incident. They could also get $2,500 each if an episode pulls 10% more viewers than the show’s average. Franklyn and Cooper took a break from taping episodes in early April 2020 to protest. Meanwhile, Sofia’s boyfriend, HBO executive Peter Nelson, allegedly negotiated a new deal for the couple with a different firm while they were still under contract.

The inventor of Barstool, David Portnoy, revealed that he offered the two new contracts with high six-figure wages and a means to retrieve their IP. According to a source close to the matter, Alexandra was open to the offer, whereas Sofia was not.

Sofia quit the show to launch her podcast, “Sofia with an F.”

Sofia Franklyn DatingSofia Franklyn dating

Sofia and Alexandra had a significant falling out with each other and Barstool’s president David in mid-2020. The girls’ contract with the corporation had one year left, but Sofia’s boyfriend advised they shop around for a better rate for their labour than they were getting.

As a result, David was exposed to the public as who “Suitman” was. Sofia’s lover, whom she spoke extensively on the podcast under an alias to preserve his anonymity, is actually Peter Nelson, a former HBO Sports executive.

Sofia has been very quiet about her dating life since David exposed her boyfriend’s identity, and she has not updated her followers on her dating life or whether or not she is still with Suitman.

Even though she had been living with her current partner for a long time, she was unsure if she wanted to live with him and expressed a desire to live alone throughout her podcast. Even if we never find out who he is, we can be confident that he is not a new addition to her life.


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