How Social Media Traumatised CONSTANCE WU?

Social Media Traumatised CONSTANCE WU
Social Media Traumatised CONSTANCE WU
Social Media Traumatised CONSTANCE WU

CONSTANCE WU CLAIMS ‘ FRESH OFF THE BOAT’ TWEETS PERSUADED HER TO “END HER LIFE”!! Ya, you heard it right. Social Media Traumatised CONSTANCE WU so badly that she was about to kill herself.

“It was a terrifying moment that made me rethink a lot about my life,” the actress revealed in a heartfelt statement on social media.

Constance Wu returned to social media this month after a three-year pause, during which the Hustlers actress said she attempted suicide after getting backlash over a series of tweets she wrote about her ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat.

Calling it a “terrifying moment” that made her reanalyse her whole life, Wu said she wanted to share the information with her fans to “open directions for relieving” the after effect.

She wrote, “Hey, everyone. I have not been active on social platforms for three years. I’m scared, but I’m dipping my thumb back to say I’m here, and I worked on a book while I was absent, which I named Making a Scene, “All other posts on her account have been deleted.

Social Media Traumatised CONSTANCE WU

We told her followers that her online experience was “hard to talk about” and explained why she was hesitant to return to the platform. “I was afraid to go back on social media because it almost cost me my life: when I carelessly tweeted about the renewal of my TV show three years ago, it caused quite a bit of internet outrage and shaming,” she continued.

 “I felt terrible about what I said, and after a few messages from a fellow Asian woman telling me that I had become a scourge to the Asian American community, I started to feel like I didn’t even deserve to live anymore.” That I was a dishonour and shame to them, and they would be better off without me.

 Looking back, it’s unreal that a few DMs convinced me to end my own life, but it happened. But then, a friend found me and rushed me to the emergency room.”

“I put my career on hold for the next few years to focus on my mental health,” she wrote.

 “Asian Americans don’t like to speak up about mental health enough. While we’re quick to celebrate national team wins, we often avoid uncomfortable issues in our community. Even my tweets have become so touchy that most of my people have decided it’s time to shun me or freeze me out. I’ll confess it hurt, but it made me understand the importance of reaching out and caring for people who are living a difficult time.”

Wu credited “a little break from Hollywood and a lot of therapy” with helping her recover emotional balance in her life — to feel comfortable and return to Twitter. “And although I’m scared,” she said, “I’ve decided to thank my old self for being brave three years ago and sharing her story to help someone.

Social Media Traumatised CONSTANCE WU

“I love the show,” she wrote in another message. “I was upset yesterday not because I hate the show, but because its re-establishment meant I had to drop another project I was excited about. So my horrified responses on social media were more about that other project and not FOTB.”

Wu recently interviewed about writing down her life experiences in a new memoir, Making a Scene, which she also referenced in her post.

“Creating a scene is a salute to people and events that shaped my humanity and determined the direction of my life,” she said. “Writing this book taught me to look back at memories attention, rather than my old patterns of judgment and shame. It was a healing and encouraging practice. I hope this book will uplift readers in their own lives in this way. I hope it helps them.”


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