What Makes Scrub Daddy’s Sponge Worth a Million Dollar Business?

Scrub Daddy Worth in 2022
Scrub Daddy Worth in 2022

Scrub Daddy Worth in 2022

Scrub Daddy Worth in 2022

History of Scrub Daddy

Subsequent to damaging the outside of a vehicle while cleaning, detailer Aaron Krause designed his own line of polishing and buffing pads. The organization was procured by 3M in August 2008. However,3M didn’t buy the line of sponges Krause had designed, passing on them.

After five years, Krause used excess sponges to clean his dishes and yard furniture. As per Krause, this is the point at which he “understood his multi-million-dollar idea.”

As indicated by the company’s site, Scrub Daddy, Inc. was established in 2012 with grassroots marketing. On the Shark Tank episode initially circulating in October 2012, Lori Greiner made a 20% equity stake deal with Krause for $200,000. The next day, Greiner and Krause sold out 42,000 sponges in less than seven minutes on QVC.

Greiner then assisted Scrub Daddy sponges with being sold in retail locations like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. In January 2017, Scrub Daddy’s all-out income outperformed $100 million – the most noteworthy of any Shark Tank product.

Scrub Daddy Worth in 2022


Scrub Daddy sponges are produced using a strong “high-tech polymer,” which is most likely polycaprolactone, given earlier patent filings.

The surface texture changes in water: firm in cool water, soft in warm water. The original Scrub Daddy is a yellow smiley-face circular sponge. Krause has acquired two patents on its design.

The Scrub Daddy line of products has expanded to include more than the sponges, such as erasers, cloths, scouring pads, and multiple accessories.

Shark Tank Appearance

Krause’s stretch with QVC was exceptionally productive, having every one of his units sold out in only seven minutes.

In any case, he realized that his startup was a long way from arriving at its actual potential. After watching Shark Tank with his significant other, he felt it would be an excellent choice to raise capital and scale his business.

Scrub Daddy Worth in 2022

In 2012, he made an extremely energetic and passionate pitch that caught the attention of the Sharks.

He at first offered a 10% stake in his company in return for $100,000. Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, wanted half of his company at a similar price; however, Aaron declined immediately.

Daymond John proposed a split deal with the Queen of QVC, Lori Greiner. However, Lori wanted to go it alone, offering $200,000 for 20% value, and Aaron Krause cheerfully accepted the deal!

Scrub Daddy Worth in 2022

Who Is the Scrub Daddy Founder?

Aaron Krause, a businessman, entrepreneur, and designer, established Scrub Daddy. In 1992, Aaron graduated with a four-year degree in Psychology from Syracuse University.

In the ensuing year, he established his most memorable business, Dedication to Detail, Inc., Before launching his subsequent business, Ion Tech Wear, where he worked for just about sixteen years with this organization.

Scrub Daddy was his third and most beneficial business. He has filled in as CEO and President since May 2012.

Scrub Daddy Worth in 2022

What is Aaron Krause’s Net Worth?

Aaron Krause has a net worth of more than $70 million as the maker and CEO of Scrub Daddy. Be that as it may, Aaron Krause created the item Scrub Daddy, but he was able to profit from his invention, thanks to Lori Greiner, his Shark Tank investor.

His wealth gets from the sale of Scrub Daddy items and his celebrity status as Aaron Krause is a notable business person and a successful entrepreneur.

How much is the Scrub Daddy company worth?

Scrub Daddy arrived at an overall worth of $250 million in 2022. Scrub Daddy has delivered more than $200 million in income since Greiner paid $200,000 for a 20% stake in the organization in 2012. Greiner helped QVC in selling 42,000 sponges in only seven minutes.

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