Scott Hall’s Net Worth | How Much Money Scott Hall is making ?

Scott Hall's Net Worth
Scott Hall's Net Worth

Scott Hall is an American professional wrestler. He is best known for the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) with his real name and World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now WWE, under the ring name Razor Ramon. Scott Hall has an estimated net worth of about $3 million, with an annual salary of $95 thousand. Let’s know more about Scott Hall’s Life And Net worth.

Early Life

Scott Oliver Hall was born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, which is a suburb of Washington, DC, in the year 1958. He was raised as a military brat and went to high school in Munich, which is located in West Germany. When the Hall family returned to the United States, he attended St. Mary’s College, receiving his Pre-Med degree.


Scott Hall started wrestling in the year 1984, but he first got widespread recognition in the year 1992, when he signed with the WWE with Razor Ramon as his ring name. His given name, Razor Ramon, was inspired by the character of Tony Montana from the film Scarface, played by the legendary actor Al Pacino, which was released in 1983 and featured the same name. In a short period, the Razor Ramon gained widespread fame among wrestling fans.

Along with his other co-stars, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan, he became a founding member of the group callow the new World Order (nWo), which is still active today. Hall was one of the most appealing wrestlers the sport has ever seen, and he was also one of the greatest. He won the WCW World Tag Team Championship 9 times, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship twice, and the WCW World Television Championship once during his stay at the WCW.

Personal Life

The wrestler has had a difficult time finding love throughout his time in the public spotlight Scott Hall was married three times, each time to a different lady. Scott was married to Dana Lee Burgio for the first time in 1990. In 1998, after eight years of marriage, the couple separated. They remarried in 1999, one year after their divorce, then filed for a second divorce the subsequent year. Scott started dating Jessica Hart and tied the knot in 2006, five years after meeting. They were married for a short period, and they divorced in 2007, only one year later.

 In March 2022, Hall underwent hip surgery, which led to several complications, due to which Hall eventually suffered three heart attacks. Unfortunately, on 14th March 2022, Scott Hall passed away.

He is survived by a daughter named Cassidy Lee from Dana and her brother named Cody Taylor. Cody Taylor Hall followed in his father’s footsteps and went on to become a professional wrestler. 

Scott halls Stats

Scott halls Age (in 2022): 63 years.

Date of Death: 14th March 2022

Scott halls Height (as reported): 6.7 ft

Scott halls Weight (as reported): 130 kg

Occupation: Professional Wrestler, Entrepreneur

Net worth: 3 million USD

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American


Hall had a bad rep with the law. He was arrested in 1983 and convicted of second-degree murder for shooting a man with his pistol after he wrestled it away from him. He was also arrested in 1998 for molesting a 58-year-old woman. Before his death, Scott Hall used to live in a 6000-square foot luxury mansion in San Francisco, which he acquired for 10 million dollars.

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