Is Samsung’s Sam Virtual Assistant real or just a marketing play: Know why 3D model is going Viral?

Samsung's Sam Virtual Assistant
Samsung's Sam Virtual Assistant
Samsung's Sam Virtual Assistant

As the tech fans are aware, Samsung might be working on a virtual assistant replacement for Bixby, called Sam. This decision came after Bixby failed to impress the Samsung users, and they opted for Google Assistant, even on Samsung phones. Samsung had tried to integrate a dedicated Bixby button into their phones for speedy assistance. However, the fans were not satisfied with the Bixby assistant as a whole as it had many flaws and its counterparts were much better.

 Here is where Samsung started developing their New Virtual assistant, Sam. In this model, Samsung is allegedly trying to woo the fans, not by voice commands or software proficiency, but by Visual aesthetic. If the Sam is real and not just rumours, it may soon be integrated into all the new Samsung lineup devices.

As of July 2022, Samsung’s supposed virtual assistant Sam is the talk of the town and one of the most highly anticipated smartphones features right now. Earlier, photos of Sam were allegedly leaked, and many people got hold of it. They started to repost it on social media sites, and that’s how the Samsung’s Sam hype was born. Lightfarm, a famous design firm, designs the Sam concept girl.

In a tweet by the designer SuperReadMyComicSon, he said, “Sure I want to draw #SamsungSam, but I’m on a short break due to wrist pain. I Have some references I found on the now archived Lightfarm project page”.

The sudden archiving of the Lightfarm page and SuperReadMyComicSon’s tweet that these are “reference images” has put people in a pickle as they don’t know if Sam is even real or not.

A famous Samsung leaker, @sondesix, said that the fans should stop waiting for the Sam Virtual assistant as it may never arrive. He posted a tweet saying, “Ok, so how many of you still believe that this Sam Virtual Assistant is a thing?” In another tweet on this matter, he said, “Wake up before I bonk your a**,”

Why did Lightfarm create Sam’s 3d appearance?

In their latest report, Polygon has confirmed that Samsung Sam’s 3D Appearance Is Not Official. However, Lightfarm has stepped up and confirmed that they developed the 3d model of the “Samsung Girl”. The company also confirmed that they had made the female model on behalf of one of Samsung’s marketing companies.

 If rumours are to be believed, this pretty model of the Sam is in the works and may help Samsung to lure in customers.

There is a ray of hope, though. Officially, Samsung has not done anything to take down these images and 3d models from the Lightfarm site, nor has it posted any explanation regarding the rumours suggesting the Lightfarm model is the actual Sam. However, many companies do this as a free publicity stint, and people will be hyped about Samsung’s new releases, with or without the “Samsung Girl” integration.

In another twist, it is rumoured that Sam is not even a virtual assistant but a chatbot for the Samsung Service Team. This chatbot will auto-respond to questions of the customers. We will have to wait till there is an official announcement to see what Sam actually is.


How old is Samsung Sam?

Samsung Sam concept was introduced in 2021. So technically, the Software is two years old. However, the girl mascot is likely 20-22 years old.

Who is the Samsung Girl?

The mascot of the anticipated Sam Virtual assistant is also known by many as the Samsung Girl. A wide-eyed, youthful girl who is the face of Sam.

What is the Sam virtual assistant?

It is rumoured that Samsung is actively pursuing to replace its existing Bixby with a new virtual assistant, which is said to be Sam.

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