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Why did Sabrina Carpenter Reveal Her Dark Secrets in Her New Song” Because I Liked a Boy”?

Sabrina Carpenter Reveal Her Dark Secrets in Her New Song" Because I Liked a Boy"

Sabrina Carpenter sings about the “death threats” and slut-shaming she received in a new song that references Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo. So, Why did Sabrina Carpenter Reveal Her Dark Secrets in Her New Song” Because I Liked a Boy”? Let’s Find out.

The 23-year-old singer disclosed “Because I Liked a Boy” as a track on her fifth album, “Emails I Can’t Send.”

The pop shanty addresses the backlash she faced after Olivia’s debut single “Driver’s License” became a hit. The song caused some fans to think it was a rumoured drama between her, Bassett, 20, and Carpenter, 21.

Fans speculated that Rodrigo changed the lyrics of her 2020 song from “brunette” to “blonde,” referencing the Girl Meets World movie in verse.

“And you’re probably with that blonde girl / That always made me doubt / She’s so much older than me / She’s everything I’m not sure about,” the Grace Stirs Up Success star sings, referencing Carpenter’s hair colour and the fact that she’s three years older than her.

Rodrigo sings, “I can’t imagine how you could be so refined now that I’m gone / I guess you didn’t mean what you wrote about me in that song.

While the stars never addressed whether they were ever romantically involved, fans believe Rodrigo and Bassett were an item in 2020.

Rodrigo’s track was released six months after Bassett released “Anyone Else” in July 2020, which appeared to be about her. “How can I think of anything else? / How can I keep it to myself? / I’m done pretending I want someone else / Anyone else, anyone else,” Bassett sings. He later confirmed that the track was about falling for an unavailable friend.

“I’m a wrecker, I’m a whore / The semi-trucks filled with threatens,” Carpenter sings in the chorus. “I’m the main topic on your tongue / I’m the springboard I steal from the young.”

Olivia wrote her envious verse about “that blonde woman” (“She’s so much older than me/She’s anything I’m not sure about”) was said to be written about Carpenter.

Sabrina began to date Joshua after his split with Olivia in 2020.

Carpenter and Bassett were together in August 2020 and even wore matching Halloween costumes that year, fueling speculation that they were a couple.

When Rodrigo released “Drivers License” in early 2021, many fans speculated that it was inspired by Bassett, Rodrigo’s on-screen love from “High School Musical”.

Her jealous lyric about “that blonde girl” has been compared to Carpenter.

Carpenter was criticized by some fans online, though Rodrigo condemned the “weird and speculative” reaction to the song.

Bassett endured similar insults when “Drivers License” roused, suffering shock and heart failure after the song was released. He said that doctors were giving him “a 30% chance of survival” and that he was sure the stress played a vital part in his health deteriorating.

Carpenter alludes to Bassett’s health problems in the second verse of her song. In the bridge, she adds, “Dating guys with exes / No, I wouldn’t recommend it.” Carpenter recently told Rolling Stone that “Because I Liked a Boy” was “very curative and healing to write.”

“That song comes from a real place in my life, so it corresponds to writing that song,” she said, adding, “It was important for me to tell the story from my point of view.”

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