REVIEW: Honour Society – Angourie Rice Graduates with Honours 2022!!

REVIEW: Honour Society
REVIEW: Honour Society
REVIEW: Honour Society
REVIEW: Honour Society

Paramount Cooperations Honor Society series is about a young and ambitious student, Honor Rose (Angourie Rice). She dreams of getting out of her dull town where she doesn’t find any motivation and going to Harvard.

Honour is not immature. She knows that her grades are no promise that she will get in. Only less than five per cent of applicants get their names on the list at Harvard.

 So, she’s been working hard for one year to get into Harvard. That’s when she realises that her advisor, Mr Calvin, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who has recently cut out a place for himself in the twisting sleazy game, has a best friend who is a graduate.

Honour is just like Kathryn Merteuil. So when she listens that her advisor has her top four options to recommend to her friend, one of them being her, she prepares for battle. 

As a master of deduction, she feels the other three must be in her good company. One of them is Kennedy, a dark, lonely art student obsessed with her grades because her parents forced her to do good in her studies.

Another is Travis, a star lacrosse player who hides the secret that he is gay. And last is Michael, a geek who loves Doctor Who and lives with his foster mother after his parents died years ago.

 Yes, Honor wants to dispose of these poor rivals heartlessly.

The script by director Oran Zegman who wrote Marriage Material begins to stand out during the change from the first to the second act.

 There, Rice’s Honor matures from cold, cynical and manipulative to warm and tender, allowing her to fall. 

Retired TV writer David A. Goodman who wrote Golden Girls, has a script that will enable the first act to be very funny, to the point of being edgy, and you slowly see Honor discover that there are more important things than her need to succeed when others fail.

The plot of Honor Society –

 With each manipulation, her target’s life starts to improve. The film becomes touching as we see Honor’s heart suddenly soften. There are some nice lines and funny scenes about today’s teenage life. 

For example, when Mr Calvin of Mintz-Plass is handing out flyers, a member of Honor’s team says, “A flyer is like a tweet that ruins the environment. I’ll tweet it!”

And that’s gratitude to lead Angourie Rice, a satire graduate who seamlessly transitions from edgy to triumphant. 

The young actor, who has been seen in such good movies and TV shows as Mare of Easttown and The Nice Guys, has no trouble changing between calm and bright youth. 

She is a joy to watch. Even watching Matarazzo break away from his standing in geek filmography and show some rare charm and moxie is refreshing, if not unbelievable, as they develop a romantic relationship.

That being said, Honor Society is a unique coming-of-age comedy. Trust me; this is not the generic movie that some film critics claim it to be.

 There are several issues, mainly in the third act. If Honor had a dark edge like the movie claims, this movie might be short because she could blackmail Mr Calvin in the first five minutes with his invitations and sexual innuendos.

 The film’s main point is clear because it has nowhere to go.

Cast – 

Angourie Rice played the main character of Honor.

Gaten Matarazzo played Michael.

Christopher Mintz- Plasse played Mr Calvin.

Avery Konrad played Emma.

Armani Jackson played Travis Biggins.

Kelcey Mawema is Talia.

Amy Keum is Kennedy Smith.

Directors –

The movie was produced and directed by Oran Zeman.

Honour Society Release Date –

The Honor Society will release on Paramount+ streaming service on July 29 in the US and UK.

Trailer of Honor Society –

At first glimpse, the Honor Society trailer makes the film look like any other high school story about a high-achieving student trying to get into the best college in the world. However, things worsen when she discovers that her journey to Harvard may have hit a few speed bumps.

How to binge Honor Society –

Honour Society streams on Paramount+. You can watch Paramount+ through a direct subscription or access it via services like Roku, Prime Video and Apple TV.


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