The “Resident Evil” Franchise Takes Its Share in the Netflix Original Series Saga.

Resident Evil” franchise takes its share
Resident Evil” franchise takes its share
Resident Evil

The Resident Evil universe is vast with a sprawling video game series, anime, and blockbuster film establishment, and that’s just the beginning. The Resident Evil universe is tremendous. Luckily, you don’t need to be acquainted with any of it to enjoy Netflix’s newly released Resident Evil show.

It is shocking to pull off the adaptation of Capcom’s hit horror genre video game into a decent series. So, let’s see how Netflix did it.


Resident Evil

Resident Evil recounts a story that traverses two timelines. In 2036, 14 years later, “Zeroes” (otherwise known as zombies) arose. These zeroes trimmed the planet’s human population from billions to just a few million. Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) is a research scientist on a mission to understand this. She must understand what is essential to the Zeroes to have a fighting chance. Jade also has to assume the virus supporting their dead bodies has evolved since the world ended.

The other timeline shows us the pre-apocalypse world of 2022, only three months before life, as

we know, self-destructed. Jade is a key player, alongside her twin sister Billie and their father, Albert. Indeed, that is Albert Wesker, if you know him from the games. Albert is a high-authority researcher for Umbrella Corporation. This global organization is in everything. Their product line range from beauty care products to drugs to vile government work.

The way to Resident Evil’s central secret is how the timelines meet and inform each other. The 2022 course of events acquaints us with Albert, Jade, and Billie as they live in New Raccoon City. This city is a designated company town in South Africa, not very far from the capital city of Cape Town.

That is all you genuinely need to know of the backstory.

The Cast and their story

Resident Evil

Ela Balinska as Jade Wesker

In 2036, Jade is a survivor of an apocalyptic virus outbreak. This virus has transformed most humans into zombie-like creatures known as zeroes. She goes on risky field missions to study the zeroes, hoping the data will help save what’s left of humanity.

Tamara Smart as Young Jade

 In early 2022, 14-year-old Jade and her twin, Billie, moved to an organized community. The Umbrella Corporation ran this community. This pharmaceutical giant hires their father, Albert. After sneaking into Umbrella’s labs, Jade discovers the evil behind its research.

Siena Agudong as Billie Wesker

Despite her best efforts, Billie struggles to fit in at her new high school. In the meantime, she convinces her sister, Jade, to help her sneak into Umbrella’s research labs to expose their drug testing on animals. However, she finds something far more sinister than she could have imagined.

Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker

Albert is an essential researcher for Umbrella Corporation. He works on developing a new drug that could eradicate depression. Still, he’s concerned about its alarming side effects. He is a single father dedicated to his work. However, he struggles to raise his two teenage daughters, Jade and Billie.

Resident Evil

Paola Nuñez as Evelyn Marcus

Evelyn is the sociopathic CEO of Umbrella Corp. She wants to fast-track the production of the latest psychotropic drug before addressing its horrible side effects. With her focus on Umbrella’s economic growth and leaving her mark on the world, she forces Albert to get the drug to market.


Unfolding in both the present and future, the series is confusing and not particularly appealing in either time frame. It feels less like an evolution than an uninspired copy of its predecessors.

The past, aka 2022, plays out like any Teen drama. It combines the high school issues of Jade and her Sister with the shadowy doings of her father’s workplace, i.e., Umbrella corporation. This makes the show feel very generic.

The show has some horror moments, but these are far and scattered. The show sticks mainly to the games. This is a problem as there is no anticipation build-up. The fans of the franchise already know of the events to happen. This kills the curiosity that is necessary to binge watch a show.

Besides, it seems like Netflix is riding on the back of the Resident Evil name. This gets them the viewership of the game and movie fans, thus increasing their sales.

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