Why Netflix’s Resident Evil Cancelled After One Season?

Resident Evil Cancelled

The Resident Evil series has been a classic of the Horror Genre, and fans love it. It is so popular that it has been adapted into every single thing, be it games, movies, comics and now series. The premise of Resident Evil is simple. A rogue virus created by a powerful company goes haywire and transforms its victims into gruesome monsters with various powers. These monsters are the heart and soul of the series. “Resident Evil Cancelled” has been a topic in the headlines and is causing a stir in the web series and the gaming industry. Netflix has decided it’s time to pull the plug on the horror series as it has become way saturated. Here is the whole story.

What Was The Main Reason Behind Resident Evil Cancellation?

The Resident Evil TV show on Netflix has been cancelled after one season. The most recent adaptation of the Capcom video game series of the same name, Resident Evil, debuted this year. Previously, several films in the franchise were produced. However, the series diverged from those films due to its setting in a different universe than the films and games. However, some game characters and plot lines made it into the television series.

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Resident Evil was one of Netflix’s top five most-watched TV shows this month, . However, the calamity of the renewal of the show came in the form of its ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, which was one of the lowest audience ratings of any of the streaming platform’s original series. Critic reactions were mixed but slightly better. The main criticisms of the series focused on plot holes, clichés, and pacing issues. Though the series took a novel approach to the material by putting a YA spin on a horror classic, it appears that the Andrew Dabb-created series needed to do more, much more, to win over audiences.

Resident Evil Cancelled

Confirmation Of Resident Evil Cancelled 

It was an unfortunate but unavoidable turn of events. Deadline has confirmed that Netflix officially cancelled Resident Evil after its first season. There were plans for Season 2 of Resident Evil, and Dabb previously discussed narrative plans for Resident Evil to continue for a few more seasons. However, all this was shattered when the show was cancelled. The decision makes sense, given that the series dropped out of the top ten on Netflix after only three weeks.

Though the news is not surprising, it isn’t very pleasant to see a series that worked to honour the franchise’s roots while also doing something original and unique with the YA spin end so soon. It would have garnered better ratings if it was allowed to stream for a couple more seasons, but Netflix didn’t want to use its time and resources to find that out. Despite the cancellation, Netflix suffered little loss because many of the series Resident Evil competed with were Netflix originals, such as Stranger Things and Sweet Tooth.

Netflix is a hub for all genres of entertainment. If you are one of the fans of the Resident Evil series, fear not. There are shows in the horror genre on Netflix that will provide you with entertainment and fun. We acn hope that these can make you forget about the series( not likely, but worth a try). Fans of the franchise can look forward to the next Resident Evil game, which is set to launch in 2024.

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