NewsResearchers from IIT Guwahati develop technology to standardize electric...

Researchers from IIT Guwahati develop technology to standardize electric vehicles


At the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, engineers have created an evaluation system for electric vehicle motors and batteries that can help OEMs determine which drivetrain components are best suited to Indian conditions.

IIT Guwahati says this is a one-of-a-kind method for standardising electronic vehicles based on Indian drive cycles.

Drive-cycles from the Indian subcontinent have not yet been examined by researchers. There is no focus on rural or urban driving cycles in the development of these cycles.

According to the statement, the current electric vehicles on the market don’t take into account the different climatic conditions in India either.

An ISBN 978-93-5578-973-0 has been assigned to this piece of work, indicating it has been published. By working with the OEMs, the institute hopes to expand its research into commercial vehicles to help them develop more energy-efficient drive trains that are better suited for India’s diverse climates.

The researchers are also working on developing this technology for four-wheelers, despite the fact that the current project is focused solely on two-wheelers.

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Indian carmakers have been requesting drive-cycle data from other OEMs because no one else uses this technology. It’s the goal of this study to develop better, more efficient drivetrains for various regions. Start-ups will also benefit from this. According to a press release from IIT Guwahati, the research “aims to reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption.”

Praveen Kumar, a professor in the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, heads the Electric Mobility Laboratory at the institute.

Rural and urban areas in India were examined as part of the study’s scope. They devised a method for recommending the best drive train to manufacture. The IIT Guwahati team has developed a unique type of drive-cycle that is not available anywhere else.

Next-generation energy-efficient EV technology is one of the most critical breakthroughs required for the country’s sustainable development and to reduce its carbon footprint. IIT Guwahati is making serious efforts in this direction. Professor TG Sitharam, Director of the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, said that this development will enhance the process and improve the results.

The long-term positive impact of this development is explained as follows: “Our goal is to prepare a document that can enable new entrants into the EV market and help level the playing field.” Additionally, preparing the next generation of technocrats for excellent careers in EV technology anywhere in the world is one of the primary benefits of this entire exercise.

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