Rapper JayDaYougan Shot and Killed in Louisiana, His Hometown 2022


The young rapper and artist JayDaYoungan was slaughtered in a shooting in his hometown of Bogalusa, Louisiana, United States. The local police confirmed the news and recovered his dead body. The artist, whose real name was Javorius Scott, died at the age of 24.

The Bogalusa Police Department stated that it answered the shooting late Wednesday afternoon and found two people wounded. Officers recognized one of the victims as Scott, who died from his damages.
Another victim, Kenyatta Scott Sr., a close family member of the rapper and his friend, was hospitalized in stable condition. Police are researching leads and suspects and conducting interviews to find the culprit who shot the rapper.

Police statement

“This is a very runny condition, and the knowledge we can provide is specified at this time,” police said in a statement. “Our officers are working diligently to specify the issues accountable for these crimes. At this point, we have several outer agencies helping us.’
Rapper JayDaYoungan owned millions of followers on his social media platforms and was also known for his hit songs “23 Island”, “Elimination”, and “Opps” and was even deemed to become a rising hip-hop star in the rap scene.

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He dropped out of high school to begin his rap career. His debut album “Misunderstood” peaked at #43 on the Billboard 200.
In the current years, he has been struggling with legal issues. He was convicted in prison in June 2022 for owning a firearm while authorized with a felony.
The Justice Department confirmed the news. He was indicted on felony charges in Texas. After seven months in prison, he was sentenced to jail in the Louisiana case.

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Investigators have linked the rapper to offences involving gang violence and rivalries in parts of Louisiana. While the investigation resumes, police believe the violence was retaliatory.
Late last year, the performer was captured and charged with second-degree murder concerning a fatal shooting on a trail in Roseland, citing the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office.
Management in Cobb County, Georgia, also charged the rapper in October 2020 after he was accused of physically attacking a woman.
While his fans mourned the death of their favourite rapper, his girlfriend and long-time Fiance, Miss Carena V., published a tribute post on her Instagram to JayDaYoungan.
“Thank god for my last words to you where I love you. I hope you know how much I’m hurt, my love. How could you leave me like this? I will forever love you, no matter where I go and will always cherish our times together,” she wrote.

The news of his death also reaches more than a month after he and his girlfriend grieved the end of their newborn child, who died due to heart problems. They named their child Mazi before he left this world.
“Mazi first, now you know how I can go on… I’m in so much misery, my best friend, my headache, my hubby, my everything, my baby; you didn’t deserve this,” she added


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