Psychic Princess Season 2: Close to Release or on the Verge of Cancellation?

Psychic Princess Season 2

Psychic Princess! Doesn’t this name attract you to this series instantly? The anime lives up to its epic name and does not disappoint. It has everything an anime is supposed to have; Good writing, epic characters and balanced storytelling. These qualities have made Psychic Princess a must-watch show. 

Season 1 of the show premiered in 2018. Since then, fans have asked about the status of Psychic Princess Season 2. We will give you all the answers regarding the second season of the Psychic Princess. Keep reading on.


Psychic princes are based on the Chinese Manhua series in a fantasy-romantic Chinese anime season. Rou Rou wrote and illustrated the story, adapted for an anime series that aired in November 2018. The first season has 16 episodes and tells the story of a young girl called Quan Yun Xi. She was abandoned by her noble family when she was eight years old because she possessed unusual abilities. Her struggles are depicted in the story as she is forced to live in the mountains.

Release Date

Although Psychic Princess has a large fan base and people eagerly anticipate the second season, there has been no official word on the season’s renewal. A new season necessitates a significant amount of time, energy, and a compelling plot. Various sources have spread rumours about the new season currently in production. However, we cannot say for sure.

The good news is that the producers and directors have not cancelled Psychic Princess season 2. Which is a good sign that season 2 will be released soon. We’ll keep our fingers crossed, but it could be a while. Unfortunately, we cannot guess the plot of the presumed Psychic Princess season 2.

We can anticipate the abandoned princess creating her realm by mastering her abilities and not relying on others. She can possess spirits and do things that ordinary humans cannot. This is all we can assume; we won’t know what happens in Season 2 until it comes out.

Psychic Princess Season 2Plot

The series tells the beautiful yet heartbreaking story of Qian Yun Xi, a girl from a noble family who is sent away from home because she is psychic. Rou Rou wrote and illustrated the story, later adapted into an anime series and directed by Li Hauling and Bill. On November 30, 2018, Psychic Princess made its theatrical debut.

The series became an instant success after it debuted on television, with 16 episodes. People were captivated by the story until the final episode of Season 1. The plot begins with a lovely lady who lives in the mountains with her sister and two pet tigers. She has various abilities, such as seeing ghosts and spirits and talking to animals.

Quan Yun Xi is from a noble family and was abandoned when she was eight years old because she was different. She was labelled psychic and was sent to live alone in the mountains. Her community refused to accept her differences, and she became the target of hatred from her family.

After moving to the mountains, she honed her skills and put them to good use. When she grows up, her family takes her back home and marries the rival prince to keep the peace between the two parties. 

She becomes the unknowing victim of her family’s cruel intentions once more. Quan Yun Xi’s woes are far from over; she still has much to deal with her loved ones.

Ye Youming, the prince she married to keep harmony and peace between the two rival parties, does not love her back. Instead, he abandons her as well due to her unique abilities. Her prince-husband banishes her to a haunted house. Later in the show, we learn that the princess has some psychological issues, which are evident because she has been abandoned several times.


  • Huang Ri Ying plays Qian Yun Xi.
  • Yan Zi Dong plays Prince Ye.
  • Ji Xiang Ning plays Yu Zi Mo.
  • Zhang Lin Ran plays Nan Qing Wan.
  • Yang Yu Lan plays Madame Qian.
  • Elena Tong plays Qian Yun Chang.


There is no trailer available for Psychic Princess Season 2. We anticipate that the trailer will be released when the release date of season 2 is confirmed.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Psychic Princess Season 2. Stay tuned for more!

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