Precision motor technology of Piezo Motion Now Available in Germany


March 24, 2022: Lakewood Ranch, Fla. In an interview with InvestorWire, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) said: Today, Piezo Motion, a subsidiary of Brain Scientific (OTCQB: BRSF), and MEV Elektronik Service GmbH, a German manufacturing representative, announced a joint venture. In the field of automation, Piezo Motion is both a pioneer and a market leader. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in central and eastern Europe rely on MEV Elektronik Service GmbH for support.

Thanks to Piezo Motion’s unique motion control technology, MEV Elektronik Service GmbH will be able to offer precision motor solutions and motion control at an affordable price to customers who specialise in electronic components, modules, and systems, as well as optimal technical services. Multifaceted rotary and linear motion devices from Piezo Motion are built with technology that provides a stable, accurate motor designed for OEMs requiring the ultimate speed, size, and accuracy.

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Motion control is a growing area for MEV Elektronik GmbH Service, which is why the company turned to Piezo Motion to add more high-precision, low-cost options to its product line. “This allows our customers to offer better solutions without having to massively raise their prices. Medical technology, laboratory automation, biotechnology, and optics are among the many fields in which Piezo Motion products are well-suited. Because of the excellent value-to-performance ratio, numerous other uses are possible.

Piezo motion motors are found in a wide range of devices all over the world. Among these are instruments used in the biomedical and laboratory fields as well as optical, semiconductor, nanotechnology, and industrial and automotive electronic and automotive systems, as well as a growing number of products that offer superior performance at a lower cost than conventional piezo solutions.

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