Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: Age, Bio, Career

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: Age, Bio,Career
Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: Age, Bio,Career
Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: Age, Bio,Career
Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: Age, Bio,Career

Every one among us has heard at least one song by Pooh Shiesty. And if you haven’t, you will definitely after reading this article. Pooh Shiesty is a songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist, and due to the immense popularity of his songs, his net worth is estimated to be 2 million USD.

Pooh Shiesty is a combination of his real and stage name. His birth name is Lontrell Emeka Williams Jr, though people always referred to him as Pooh. The addition of Shiesty to this name is the idea of his brother, who sadly passed away. He coined the term “Shiesty,” influenced by his brothers’ lifestyle.

Pooh Shiesty Bio

Pooh Shiesty Age (in 2022): 22 years.

Pooh Shiesty Height (as reported): 5.10 ft 

Pooh Shiesty Weight (as reported): 72 kg 

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter, Hip-Hop artist.

Net worth: 2 million USD

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Early Life

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: Age, Bio,Career

Pooh Shiesty was born on November 9, 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Montreal Williams and Gladys Baines. Pooh was interested in hip-hop from a very young age. The family did stay in Texas for some time, but ultimately, all of them returned to Memphis.

The prominent people responsible for creating this love for music were his father and brother. Pooh’s father was also a fantastic rapper. As he grew, the Summer School of Memphis played an essential part in enhancing his knowledge of music. Pooh completed his graduation and started pursuing music as a serious career.

However, not much is known about the names of his educational institutions or his siblings. His brother was TeeDa P, who was also a hip-hop artist. Unfortunately, he passed away very young. After his brother’s demise, the celebrity was grief-stricken and could not manage to sing anymore and took a long break. After some time in solidarity, the rapper made a comeback.


Pooh Shiesty made a start in his music career with a commercial mixtape. He made his debut with Hell Night on March 15, 2019, with another rapper, Big30. Subsequently, he released a single on August 20, 2019, ranked 3rd on US Billboard 200. Since then, Pooh has released many other tapes like at again, Chopra Talk, Day One, and ABCGE in 2019-20.

As his few singles went viral and he started getting recognized, he was approached by Gucci Mane in April 2020, and Pooh ended up being signed to Gucci Mane’s famous records, 1017 Record and Atlantic Records. Both their music videos were simultaneously released on June 19, 2020, with the title Still Remember. This song has proven itself as a massive boost to his career.

On November 6, 2020, Pooh released another single titled Back in Blood. The music video featured a very famous singer and rapper, Lil Durk. The song was an absolute hit, and Pooh gained about 40 million views on Youtube. He then went on to release other single tapes like Neighbours, The Voice, Shiesty Season-Spring Deluxe, and a lot more in the years 2020-21.

Personal Life

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: Age, Bio,Career

As per the reports, Pooh Shiesty has never dated any girl, and his marital status is unmarried. However, rumors exist that he is in a romantic relationship with an unknown girl. Another shocking piece of information was leaked out when a stylist made a statement to the media that she was expecting a child, and the father was Pooh Shiesty. This report was, however, not confirmed.

 In 2021, his brother died as he was suffering from brain cancer. This hit him very hard. Pooh was arrested in 2019 and remained in police custody for some time. In 2020, Pooh Shiesty was arrested and locked up for charges that included robbery and theft. After a few trials, however, Pooh was let out of jail.


Pooh lives in a luxurious house in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. He has a sizable collection of cars. These include:

●Lamborghini Urus

●Tesla Model X Performance 

●Mini Cooper

●BMW Sedan


Who is Pooh Shiesta’s Brother?

Terrance Henderson, aka Teeda P, was his brother who passed away at the early age of 27 fighting brain cancer.

What does Pooh Shiesty make in a year?

Pooh makes around 250,000 USD per year.

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