Patriot One Technologies is selected by Central Bank Center for security technology


The Central Bank Center in Lexington, Kentucky, has chosen Patriot One Technologies‘ SmartGatewayTM solution to safeguard the entrances to its Rupp Arena and Lexington Opera House buildings. The new security screening system will be implemented in a staged manner, beginning with the opera house and VIP entrances at the arena, and eventually covering both buildings.

The Oak View Group’s OVG360 subsidiary, which runs more than 330 entertainment venues across the United States, oversees both the Rupp Arena and the Lexington Opera House. At the Lexington Opera House, where 900 people may sit and watch Broadway performances, concerts, and more, you’ll find the Wildcats of the University of Kentucky playing in front of a capacity of over 20,000 fans. renovated within the last year or two.

As a result of working with Patriot One on many demos and testing the technology during live events at the Rupp Center, Central Bank Center general manager Brian Sipe chose Patriot One as the security screening solution of choice for its large entertainment venues. There were long lineups and dissatisfied crowds when we used walk-through metal detectors to secure the entrances. We didn’t want that for our valued attendees at a Central Bank Center event. “Through Patriot One’s next-generation security technology and weapons detection capabilities, we were able to enhance that patron experience.”

“After working on multiple demos and tests with Patriot One, I can say that Patriot One’s SmartGateway uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered sensors to scan for forbidden goods, including guns, knives, and other weapons, without patrons having to give up their personal belongings. This system is specifically developed for stadiums and other large venues that see significant traffic and gives the flexibility to modify and optimize for site-specific security demands.

“Rupp Arena and the Lexington Opera House are wonderful fits for SmartGateway, and we’re grateful to have our solution implemented in two of the hundreds of stadiums and venues within the OVG360 family,” said Patriot One CEO Peter Evans. Security manpower shortages and social instability have made physical security and weapons detection more crucial than ever before. “We are looking forward to collaborating with businesses like the Oak View Group and other NCAA venues as they test the security systems in new locations across the country.”

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