Our Last Crusade Season 2 Latest Update

Our Last Crusade Season 2

Are you also an anime series fan who cannot wait for the Our Last Crusade Season 2? After an exciting finish of the first season of Our Last Crusade, the expectation for the second season is relatively high. The impact of the first season was such that it started trending on the charts soon after its release. It managed to grab a vast audience among anime watchers. To meet this expectation, makers are trying their best and are planning to release the second season a little later.

This blog has been written to update you about the recent progress of Our Last Crusade Season 2

Our Last Crusade Season 1

Our Last Crusade, probably one of the most extensive anime series of 2020, was released on October 7, 2020. Its exciting plot kept the watchers always on the edge while watching Our Last Crusade. Voice artists, editors, directors, and producers did a tremendous job in making this series a huge success. The web series featured around 12 exciting episodes. Twelve episodes might look overstretched with some series but not with Our Last Crusade Season 1. After a rollercoaster ride of 12 episodes, fans can’t stop themselves from demanding another season. Listening to the fans’ request, makers have given a green signal to the Our Last Crusade Season 2. Continue with this log to learn about the second season of Last Crusade.

When will Our Last Crusade Season 2 be Released?

Our Last Crusade Season 2

Just after announcing the arrival of the second season of Our Last Crusade, fans couldn’t keep calm and flooded the Internet with their tweets, posts, etc. Every anime fan now desperately wants to know about the release date of Our Last Crusade 2. This excitement is understandable as their favorite season is coming after 2 years. The makers of Our Last Crusade Season 2 revealed that the second edition of Our Last Crusade will be released in 2023. Also, the makers plan to introduce some new turns in the story to make it less predictable.

What is the Cast of Our Last Crusade Season 2?

To follow up a big series can be challenging. The makers are well aware of that and are taking every step to make the second season of Our Last Crusade memorable for the fans. Also, a new director has been appointed, who in his first interview said that we respect your expectations and are back again to shock you with the twists. Also, it is believed that Our Last Crusade Season 2 might feature some new characters to open up the story. Crunchyroll holds the streaming rights for the new season of Our Last Crusade in America.


Our Last Crusade Season 2 has recently been the talk of the town in the anime industry. This blog clarifies readers’ doubts regarding the release date, cast, and story of the new Our Last Crusade 2.
Also, the streaming platform for the new episodes of Our Last Crusade is mentioned.

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