Nipsey Hussle Controversy: Witnesses claim that Nipsey Hussle and the alleged shooter discussed “snitching” before the incident.

Nipsey Hussle Controversy:

Nipsey Hussle Controversy: On Sunday, the 33-year-old was shot in front of his Los Angeles clothes store. According to the police, 29-year-old Eric Holder was detained after his passing. But as is typical after high-profile murders, his death has prompted social media users to claim a massive, intricate conspiracy. According to court transcripts released on Thursday in Los Angeles, Nipsey Hussle and the suspect discussed “snitching” just before the rapper was shot; the prosecution claimed this was the reason for the shooting.

Nipsey Hussle Controversy

Hussle’s buddy Herman Douglas testified in the grand jury transcripts, which offer the first look at the prosecution’s case against Eric R. Holder, about a discussion he overheard between the rapper and Holder. Douglas claimed to have overheard Hussle telling Holder that there were allegations that Hussle had been speaking with the police about the Rollin’ 60s gang and that either police or court records proved it.

Douglas recalls Nipsey Hussle saying, “You need to address it,” in a conversation outside The Marathon, the rapper’s apparel store in South Los Angeles, where he was shot shortly after. “I’m urging the guy to be careful because people have some documentation on them,” the man said.

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Nipsey Hussle Controversy: Although he and Hussle, recognised Sunday at the BET Awards, had not been involved in any recent gang activities, Douglas testified that he, Hussle, and Holder had all been associated with the group at some point.

Judge Robert Perry of the superior court dismissed Holder’s 29 objections that releasing the records of the jury hearings that led to his indictment would prevent him from getting a fair trial. Holder’s defence and the prosecution tried to keep the transcripts sealed.

Outside of court on Thursday, L.A. County Deputy District Attorney John McKinney declared that “everything in the transcript is incriminating.” At around 3:25 pm on March 31 in South Los Angeles, Hussle was shot several times in the Marathon Clothing parking lot. Later, a hospital confirmed him dead.

Holder pleaded not guilty to a murder allegation in April, two attempted murder charges, and a charge of a felon possessing a handgun. In a grand jury indictment released in May, he was accused of assault and assault with a weapon.

Nipsey Hussle and the alleged shooter discussed "snitching" before the incident
Nipsey Hussle and the alleged shooter discussed “snitching” before the incident

What do conspiracy theories entail?

Nipsey Hussle Controversy: Videos blame Nipsey Hussle’s murder on the government, drug firms, or the Illuminati—a mysterious organization of elites who, according to conspiracy theorists, covertly rule the world—are making the rounds on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Any evidence does not back up these claims.

In the YouTube search results for “Nipsey Hussle,” some have received tens of thousands, if not millions, of views. Adherents make the unfounded accusation that the rapper was killed because he was producing a documentary about Dr Sebi.

The rumour sent the herbalist’s name into the top trends on Twitter, and several people pointed out that Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, a former TLC member, had been visiting Dr Sebi in Honduras before she passed away in 2002 automobile accident.The rapper’s mysterious farewell tweet published on the day he was assassinated added fire to conspiracy theories. Strong adversaries are a blessing, he declared.

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How does that relate to Nipsey Hussle?

It looks like Nipsey Hussle accepted the herbalist’s assertions. A line in Hussle’s song Blue Laces 2 from his 2018 album Victory Lap alludes to Bowman’s passing. The rapper claims, “They killed Dr Sebi, and he was teaching health. He was producing a documentary about Bowman’s 1980s court case. After learning of his passing, actor Nick Cannon said he would complete the Bowman doc. Can’t kill us all, he wrote on Instagram beside other videos of the Honduran herbalist that had amassed millions of views.



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