Netflix Bling Empire Season 3: Latest Update

Netflix Bling Empire Season 3


Netflix Bling Empire Season 3, The American reality television programme Bling Empire premiered on Netflix on January 15, 2021. The series centres on the lives of Eastern and South East Asian and South East Asian-American socialites. They are primarily Chinese, and described as the “real-life Crazy Rich Asians” and based in the Angeles area. The cast of this American reality television show is entirely East and South East Asians who reside in the country. The show was renewed by Netflix for a second season on March 10, 2021, and debuted on May 13, 2022.

Release Date of Netflix Bling Empire Season 3

Although Wang has confirmed the news, Netflix has not yet provided any information about the upcoming season of Bling Empire.

The TV personality said, “It’s already locked and loaded,” in an interview with Page Six. The drama you witness [in the second season] only gets hotter and more intense. The conflicts intensify, and many deeply ingrained issues surface. Many boundaries are established, and many friendships are broken.”

On Season 3 debut, Lee, a participant of the show since its first season, responded with “very soon,”. So it seemed to confirm this timeline.

However, there has been no confirmation by Netflix in this regard. Seasons four and five of Selling Sunset were also confirmed by Netflix in March 2021, along with the news that Bling Empire would return for a second season. The bad news is that they made no further statements, so we don’t know from Netflix at this time whether either show will continue.

The first season debuted in January 2021 and the second wasn’t revealed until March. Perhaps we can hope for word of a third season soon.

The Plot of Netflix Bling Empire Season 3

The second season ended with a dramatic showdown between Christine, Anna, and Kane. This was after Kane informed Anna that Christine had overheard her say she wanted to “end” her. When Anna and Christine first meet, their relationship improves because they recognize Kane has twisted the facts. They then choose to confront him about his slander. The only disadvantage is that the season ends before the confrontation!

After that, viewers witnessed Drew, Kelly’s ex-boyfriend, make a surprise visit to Anna’s home carrying a bouquet. Kim and Kevin’s on-again, off-again romance was also left in the air. 

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What can Netflix Bling Empire Season 3 address?

Season 3 might address these things and pick up where Season 2 left off. Fans anticipate the third season as they are emotionally connected to these people’s lives.

Further, Several people connected to the programme have voiced their opinions regarding the likelihood of it airing after season 2. Star Christine Chiu expressed her hopes for the cast’s future in an interview with PopSugar.

Whether they are business owners, storytellers, dancers, or musicians, she added, “I would love the addition of artists and creators, just people who are showcasing additional talent. I am aware that the bling is not the heart and soul of the Bling Empire. It isn’t. The bling attracts you, but the stories and journeys hold your attention, resonate with viewers, and make it worthwhile and significant for myself and the rest of the cast to be involved in this project.”

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According to executive producer Jeff Jenkins, the show could run for years if given a chance. Jenkins praised the cast as “hilarious, sexy, funny, dramatic, and cunning.” The group says we’d all like to go on this adventure with them for as long as viewers are interested.

Netflix Bling Empire Season 3The Cast of Netflix’s Bling Empire Season 3

Fans are hoping that Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee will make a comeback after going MIA in the middle of season 2. Other than that, the remaining cast members are anticipated to attend, including:

  • Anna Shay
  • Kim Lee
  • Kelly Mi Li
  • Kane Lim
  • Christine and Gabriel Chiu
  • Mimi Morris.
  • Jessy Lee
  • Jaime Xie
  • Kevin Kreider

Dorothy is also anticipated to appear in the upcoming season (even though she currently resides in New York City) since she revealed extensive information regarding the season’s potential premiere date.

We may even see some fresh faces as it wouldn’t be surprising if they hired some new actors given how popular the show has been.


The show’s future is uncertain despite its popularity because a tumultuous situation could prevent the creation of additional seasons. According to People, Kelly Mi Li, an actress on the show, allegedly accused executive producer Jeff Jenkins of stealing her concept for Bling Empire in late April. Li claims in the complaint that as early as 2018, she spoke with Jenkins about her idea for a reality show. The show’s premise would be wealthy Asian Americans residing in Los Angeles. 

According to People, Li also stated that she and Jenkins worked closely together for months to develop Bling Empire. This led to the “successful selling of the programme”

She claims that “Plaintiff Li’s idea and contents were acquired and exploited by Jenkins and his production company, and they entered into binding contracts.” Li wants to be treated as an executive producer for Bling Empire and to receive credit, payment, and respect.

The streaming service probably isn’t looking for the kind of unrest that could lead to a rift between the cast, crew, and production. 

In an ideal world, Netflix can focus more on the drama on-screen rather than the conflicts occurring behind the scenes by meeting the needs of all creative parties. Fans must see the case’s outcome and how it might impact Season 3 possibilities.



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