Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyonce to Alter “Partition” Lyrics After the Removal of “Heated” Ableist Slur

Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyonce to Alter “Partition” Lyrics
Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyonce to Alter “Partition” Lyrics
Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyonce to Alter “Partition” Lyrics
Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyonce to Alter “Partition” Lyrics

Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyonce to Alter “Partition” Lyrics: He ripped my buttons and tore my blouse. Everything he did was Monica Lewinskied me on a dress,” Beyonce sings.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance album became critically acclaimed within days of its release.

 Still, the response was not without controversy, with several fans protesting “Heated” for using the infamous slur “spaz” in the lyrics. In the heat of the backlash, Monica Lewinsky is now talking about one of Bey’s older tracks.

Fans of Beyonce, who are called BeyHive, loved the album.

In a post on Twitter Tuesday, the famous television personality and activist shared a Variety article saying that the 28-time Grammy winner will extract the word able from “Heated” in light of the backlash she’s received online. “Uhm, speaking of that… #Partition,” Lewinsky added to the tweet.

The song “Partition” is the third single from Beyoncé’s self-titled fifth studio album and features Lewinsky’s name at the end of the first verse: “Oh, I’m so horny, yeah, he wanna f–k, Forced all my buttons and ripped my blouse, All on my dress like Monica Lewinsky,” Bey sings on the sassy R&B track.

A Twitter user asked Lewinsky, “Did you reach out to Beyoncé or her team before you saw all the heat? I’m interested.”

Lewinsky replied, “No, I haven’t. I said it in the first vanity fair article I wrote in 2014, which was the first public item I’ve done in 10 years. But you have an interesting /fair opinion.”

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The 49-year-old woman who had an infamous affair with former President Bill Clinton while working in the White House in 1995 and 1996 expressed in the line in “Partition” in her 2014 Vanity Fair feature, saying: “Thanks, Beyoncé.

But if we’re talking, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton had all over my dress’, not ‘Monica Lewinsky’.”

While Beyoncé’s team has yet to remark on Lewinsky’s request, an agent told Variety that the use of the term “spaz” in “Heated” was not “used in a deliberately harmful way.”

“Every day somebody mentions me in a tweet or a blog post, and not in a good way,” Lewinsky wrote to Vanity Fair in 2014. 

“It seems like every day my name arrives up in a column or a press clip or two — casually said in articles on topics as disparate as millennials, ‘Scandal’ and the love life of French President François Hollande.”

She continued: “Miley Cyrus mentions me in her twerk stage, Eminem raps about me, and Beyoncé’s latest hit made me cry. Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re talking, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton’d everything on my clothes,’ no “Monica Lewinsky.” 

Giving ‘Renaissance’ a four-star review last Friday, NME’s Kyann-Sian Williams said Beyoncé’s latest album “continues to bring black culture back to the fore of house and dance. scenes”.

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The album was also shown to be part of an upcoming trilogy. A fan who obtained a vinyl copy of the album shared an image from the accompanying booklet, where Beyoncé describes “Renaissance” as the first of a “three-act project” that was videoed “over three years during the pandemic.”

Overnight, it was verified that Beyoncé had made the second edit of “Renaissance” in the wake of the debate, editing “Energy” to remove the interpolation of Kelis’ 2003 hit “Milkshake”.

Shortly after “Renaissance” was released last Friday (July 29), Kelis took to social media to claim that Beyoncé used elements of “Milkshake” without her express consent.

The song has now been updated on Tidal and Apple Music to remove the part, but it still appears on other media.

However, Miss Lewinsky is still very friendly and cool with Beyonce and her BeyHives. 


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