Linus Sebastian Net Worth, Biography, Career, Personal Life

Linus Sebastian Net Worth

Linus Sebastian Net Worth: Linus Sebastian is a YouTube star from Canada. He founded and hosted the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips (LTT). Linus is also the CEO and founder of Linus Media Group, which he founded in 2013.

Sebastian is most known for developing and hosting four technological YouTube channels with over 22 million subscribers: Linus Tech Tips (LTT), Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit. He was a regular presenter of technology films for the now-defunct Canadian computer shop NCIX from 2007 until 2013.

Linus Tech Tips is the most-watched technology channel on YouTube as of March 2021. Tubefilter selected the channel to the “top 1% of Google’s favored advertising channels” on YouTube in 2014 for the technology category.

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Linus Sebastian Biography

Real Name: Linus Gabriel Sebastian

Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia

Date of Birth: August 20, 1986

Age: 35 years old

Height: 5’11” ft

Weight: 70 kg

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Religion: Christian

Nationality: Canadian

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Married

Wife/Spouse Name: Yvonne Ho

Kids: Yes (3)

Profession: Video presenter, technology demonstrator, and advertiser

Linus Sebastian Net worth

Linus Sebastian Net worth: Linus has an estimated net worth of $50 million. He makes the majority of his money from his YouTube channels. His company, Linus Media Group, handles these through ad revenue, video sponsors, affiliate marketing, and merch sales. Linus Sebastian’s earnings, on the other hand, can be summed by the points listed below.

  • YouTube AdSense
  • Sponsored Projects
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Merchandise
  • Revenue from Floatplane
  • His monthly Income from these sources is around $482k.

Linus Sebastian Career

Sebastian was working for the now-defunct Canadian online computer store NCIX when he was asked to host a technology channel, Linus Tech Tips. He left NCIX in 2008 after a dispute regarding company management. He negotiated an agreement in which he could keep the channel as long as he signed a non-compete agreement.

Linus has several sources of Income. He makes the most of his money from his service production company, Linus Media Group.

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Linus Sebastian Net Worth

Linus Media Group

Sebastian Linus Media Group (LMG) was founded by Luke Lafreniere, Edzel Yago, and Brandon Lee in January 2013 out of a garage. Between 2017 and 2019, LMG hosted an annual event known as the LTX Expo. This was a “convention featuring tech-focused content creators and personalities”. By April 2022, LMG had over 80 full-time employees and was based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Linus Sebastian Early Life

Linus Sebastian was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1986. His sisters’ names are Isabelle and Emily. He also has two younger brothers, Asher and George. Linus Sebastian went to Garibaldi High School. He went to British Columbia University after graduating.

Sebastian left the University of British Columbia a few years after enrolling. He said he loved spending time on his computer and figuring out technology. Finally, he decided to devote his attention to such endeavours instead.

He landed a job at NCIX while still a student at the University of British Columbia. Netlink Computer Inc. was the previous name for NCIX. The business sells computers. Sebastian began working full-time for NCIX after graduating from high school. He worked hard and impressed his bosses, who elevated him. Linus Sebastian took over NCIX’s technology video channel in 2007. This offered him experience with content development, which motivated him to create Linus Tech Tips in 2008.

Linus Sebastian Personal Life

Sebastian and Yvonne Ho have been married since May 20, 2011. They have two girls and one boy. Sebastian stated in a 2014 interview with the technology startup website Tech. Co that his favorite YouTubers were TotalBiscuit, Marques Brownlee, and Austin Evans.

Sebastian was among a group of YouTubers that offered finances and support to Evans, who lost his things and home in a house fire in 2014. Sebastian stated in January 2020 that he was considering retiring. He afterward said that he had changed his mind.


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