The LOL: League of Legends Patch Notes 2022!!

League of Legends Patch Notes 2022!!
League of Legends Patch Notes 2022!!

A patch is an update for a video game that fixes bugs and corrects any issues with the previous version. The League of legends patch 2022 contains several healing-focused updates to bring the League’s hyper healers and their items to justice. There have also been adaptations to the dragons, Elder Dragon, and Rift Herald, as well as some runes and summon magic. Finally, they have added the other half of the popular high school superheroes, the Star Guardians, to this patch! The patch league of legends is big but understandable

 League of Legends Patch Notes 2022!!

. Most of the word calculation comes from the Attack Damage rebalance. It may look scary, but it affects a largely invisible system to dampen the impact of basic attacks from 3-star units whose power should come from spells instead of autos. General balancing of auto attacks is the theme of this whole patch. Regardless, there are also version changes to our legendary dragons to make them feel MORE LEGENDARY and some excellent systemic quality of life changes. The purpose of League of Legends is to destroy an enemy base, known as a nexus. Games are not timed, so matches last as long as both teams are connected. The recently added 14 league of legends patch notes of the current 12th season is as excellent as they can be. This game is mind blogging with simple designs of the game and its characters to new spots and places and even new characters.

 The 12.14 patch includes Several healing-focused updates that will bring the League’s hyperhealers and their items to justice. The 12.13 patch denotes the release of the newest champion (and Star Guardian) Nilah, the Joy Unbound! Other Star Guardians, new and old, reappear to protect from the forces of evil and have also been included. The 12.12 patch brings around the Essence Emporium for a limited time. The Mythic Shop is also spinning for the first time, introducing Ashen Knight Pantheon and more. The 12.11 patch includes the champions being more durable and lasting. 

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The 12.10 denotes technical changes and better resonance of the characters.

 The 12.9 indicates mid-scope updates for Olah and Taliyah for going live. 

The 12.8 marks a diverse mix of champions, buffs and nerfs, and mid-scope updates for the long-awaited Swan. The 12.7 characterised changes in the meta pit for good technicality. The 12.6 includes adjustments for Renger and frequent changes to run. The 12.5 denotes more powerful champs like Ahri. The 12.4 indicates changes in characters. The 12.3 patches have altered game technicalities. The 12.2 patch gives us new characters and their introductions and uses, and the 12.1 allows us to take over Rift.

League of Legends Patch Schedule – 

League of Legends regularly releases fixes, improvements, and new content patches. Patch note dates can modify at any time for many reasons. Below are the dates for the releases – 

12.1 Wednesday, January 5 2022

12.2 Thursday, January 20 2022

12.3 Wednesday, February 2 2022

12.4 Wednesday, February 16 2022

12.5 Wednesday, March 2 2022

12.6 Wednesday, March 30 2022

12.7 Wednesday, April 13 2022

12.8 Wednesday, April 27 2022

12.9 Wednesday, May 11 2022

12.10 Wednesday, May 25 2022

12.11 Wednesday, June 8 2022

12.12 Thursday, June 23 2022

12.13 Wednesday, July 13 2022

12.14 Wednesday, July 27 2022

12.15 Wednesday, August 10 2022

12.16 Wednesday, August 24 2022

12.17 Thursday, September 8 2022

12.18 Wednesday, September 21 2022

12.19 Wednesday, October 5 2022

12:20 Wednesday, October 19 2022

21.12. on Wednesday, November 2 2022

12.22 Wednesday, November 16 2022

12:23 Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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What time does League of Legends patches come out?

There is not a limited release period for League of Legends updates; however, based on previous updates, patches are released in the middle of the week, with the servers going down for maintenance at 6:00 am EST for about 3 hours. New patches will go live around 9:00 am EST. While Riot Games has never officially stated these times, it’s a familiar routine that players can expect into Season 12.

League of Legends patch notes – 

There are 14 patch notes for season 12, and gamers are more than excited about the releases. Patch notes have always helped sort all glitches and problems in the game and added new characters to make the game more suitable and fun. A patch is an update for a video game that fixes bugs and corrects any issues with the previous version.

League of Legends patch 12 13 release date – 

According to the Riot Games 2022 patch schedule, the League of Legends patch 12.13 release date is July 13, 2022.


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