Everything You Need to Know About the Famous Lana Rhoades 2022!!

Lana Rhoades and Logan Paul's relationship led to her being introduced to Logan's long-time close friend and associate, Mike Majlak.
Lana Rhoades and Logan Paul's relationship led to her being introduced to Logan's long-time close friend and associate, Mike Majlak.

Lana Rhoades is a former adult film star. She is famous for modelling for Playboy magazine. She has also acted in several adult films in the past.

 Presently she is an influencer and digital creator. She currently gave birth to her son Milo, raising eyebrows among her fans over who fathered her child. So, who is Lana Rhoades’ boyfriend in 2022?

Rhoades also worked in a movie called Lana in 2017. During her teenage years, the Instagram model found herself on the other side of the law and in juvenile detention.

As a result, she moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the adult film industry.

Full name: Amara Maple

Nickname: Lana Rhoades

Year of birth: September 6, 1996

Age: 25 years from 2022

Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois

Height: 5’3″

Known For: Former adult film star

YouTube: Lana Rhoades

Instagram: @lanarhoades

The social media star has yet to disclose the baby’s father she conceived. However, her fans had several speculations depending on her dating life.

 Among them is her latest boyfriend, who she reportedly went on a date with after she ended her relationship with Mike.

Lana Rhoades and Logan Paul’s relationship led to her being introduced to Logan’s long-time close friend and associate, Mike Majlak.

Rhoades is said to have married a man named Jon, nicknamed JJ. The two separated after Lana pursued a career in adult film.

Mike Majlak is a popular YouTuber and a writer who started dating Lana in January 2020. The couple started a relationship before officially splitting in early 2021.

 The couple broke up in October 2020 but reconciled a few weeks later.

There was speculation that it was the result of cheating. Lana shared the news on her Instagram stories and quoted her; The reason Mike isn’t on my Instagram is that we’re not together; I’m single. We broke up, and this time we’re not getting back together. Now leave me alone.

 She also revealed that she was the first to say I love you.

She spills the tea during her 3 Girls 1 Kitchen podcast; I had to say it a hundred times before my friend said it. I had to… Do you know that spicy chip challenge? So he made me eat one for one of his friend’s vlogs, and then he said, I love you because I did it. So I got the first I love you.

Mike and Lana seemed to be in love. However, their breakup was unpredictable and sad, especially for their fans. Lana has also appeared in Majlak’s vlogs on his YouTube channel.

Majlak revealed that he blocked her from his social media platforms to move on. Mike later addressed his breakup during an episode of The Night Shift. He is quoted as saying; My romantic relationship is over. Lana and I are no longer in a relationship. We argued. It’s not like any other breakup we’ve had before.

We won’t talk about it. She is blocked on all my social media accounts. We are not having a conversation and will never get back together.

I am at a loss for words when it comes to criticizing her. I am thrilled with her. She is simply a fantastic person. She was incredible, and I hope we can stay friends and do things together in the future.

The former adult star is also rumoured to have had a fling with the Brooklyn Nets player in June 2021. This came after she revealed on the 2G1k podcast that she was on a date that she described as boring.

She did not disclose the person’s name but indicated his date of birth is Libra.

At the same time, her date asked out another girl during the date. A strange ordeal forced her to leave early, and there was no second date after it. The model recently gave birth to a son, Milo. There has been no new information about her dating anyone new.

However, her fans are looking forward to introducing Lana Rhoades’ new boyfriend soon. The world is eagerly waiting to meet Lana Rhoades’ boyfriend.

However, as of now, it’s true to point out that the beauty is single and focused on her new-fangled career and life as a mother.


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