Kami No Tou Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Everything You Concerned

Kami No Tou Season 2 Release Date

Kami No Tou Season 2: The Tower of God or Kami No Tou is reportedly coming up with season2. The Fans of Tower of God are really excited as this series will be full of action and adventure just like the previous series. According to the sources, this anime is a depiction of the online series of South Korean manhwa.

Takashi Sano conducted the series, produced by Joseph Chou and written by Erika Yoshida. 1st series of The Tower of God started in April 2020 and ended in June.

Kami No Tou Season 2 is presently the most awaited follow-up to the fans of the present series. Because since the first release, action scenes of the anime characters scored 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb. Fans haven’t heard anything about the anime’s continuation for over a year, and they hope for even more.

The public will be very glad to hear that; on August 6, Crunchyroll, one of the largest anime streaming platforms, confirmed that Tower of God season 2 was now in production.

Kami No Tou Season 2 Release Date

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Kami No Tou Season 2 plot 

The main character of Kami No Tou Twenty-fifth Bam is a toddler with a strange name. We know Bam stands for ‘Night’, but the name has a spiritual significance for a Messiah. The storyline turns around this Bam, whose life revolves around a tower he lives behind and his best friend, Rachael.

Rachael walked into the Tower, and she killed Bam. Bam is now ready to go anywhere to see Rachael again, although that means dying. The rest of the story spines around his trip to the Tower, where he encounters several friends who help him reach his goal.

The upcoming season will be marked by the arrival of two new principal characters, Jue Viole Grace and Ja Wangnan, and it’s time to find out to everyone what happened to Bam, Khun, and Wraithraiser and everyone’s favourite girl, Rachael.

The series Kami No Tou is full of action, adventure, and dark fantasy. The series Tower of God stars Matthew David Rudd, Chris Hackney, and Johnny Yong Bosch. It is an animated tv series. 

Number of Episodes of Kami No Tou Season 2:

Another major concern about the Tower of God anime is the number of episodes. The anime’s first season consisted of 13 episodes that aired from April 1, 2020, to June 24, 2020.

Kami No Tou Season 2 Release Date

Kami No Tou Season 2 Release Date

The release date of the series Kami No Tou Season 2 is unknown. In early or mid-2022, the second season of Kami No Tou can be released. Whenever we receive an update about the release date of Kami No Tou’s second season, we will post it here.

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Kami No Tou Season 2 Cast:

See the expected cast of the series Tower of God Season 2 below.

1. Matthew David Rudd as Rak Wraithraiser

2. Johnny Yong Bosch as Bam

3. Chris Hackney as Khun Aguero Agnes

4. Cherami Leigh as Anaak Jahad

5. Valerie Rose Lohman as Rachel

6. Trent Mills as Lero Ro

7. Scott Whyte as Shibisu

8. Hochu Otsuka as Headon

9. Kazuyuki Okitsu as Evan Edroch

10. Takuya Eguchi as Shibisu

11. Toshinari Fukamachi as Hatz

12. Jeannie Tirado as Endorsi Jahad

13. Christina Valenzuela as Serena

14. Kira Buckland as Yuri Jahad

15. Kyle McCarley as Evan Edroch

16. Christopher Swindle as Headon

17. Lucien Dodge as Hansung Yu

18. Kenjiro Tsuda as Lero-Ro

19. Koki Uchiyama as Khun Hachuling

20. Saori Hayami as Rachel

21. Mariko Honda as Rachel

22. Taichi Ichikawa as Yoru

23. Kenta Miyake as Rak Wraithraiser

24. Nobuhiko Okamoto as Khun Aguero Agnes

25. Akira Sekine as Anaak Jahad

26. Rie Suegara as Endorsi Jahad

Where to Watch Kami No Tou Season 2?

Crunchyroll (US) and VRV are the best places to stream God with English subtitles or dubs. With an ad-supported Crunchyroll subscription, you can watch the anime for free.

Kami No Tou Season 2 Trailer:

We have yet to see the official trailer for ‘Kami No Tou Season 2’. We will keep you posted as soon as the official trailer is released. Enjoy the Season 1 trailer.



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